Just discovered . Take any YT video, replace "youtube" in the URL with "hooktube", and watch it without any of goOgle's proprietary JS or spyware knowing you're there. For example:

I've seen a few comments online claiming that HookTube is proprietary, but AFAICT it's free code under either GPLv3+ or "MIT":

I've been informed that due to legal threats by goOgle corp, is no longer anonymous and their download system no longer works (refers to third party service instead), and that .us is a better choice for those purposes.

HookTube is still a lightweight front-end for YT, that doesn't autoplay videos, or try to get you to watch sensational bollox related vaguely to the video you just watched. So there's that. I'm presuming it also doesn't make users use proprietary JS in their browser? Although the embed system might result in downloading some JS from YT. Anyone know for sure?

@strypey hmm, I feel an entry in my local DNS resolver coming on... :)

@strypey without any of Google's spyware or just might be a bit of a mislead. You're still using their API and who knows what that reveals

@ragamuffinjim ae, I was jumping to conclusions there that no longer hold. See the various replies to the OP.

@strypey Wow, I didn't know about the lawsuit. I just didn't trust it from the getgo

@ragamuffinjim I don't think it ever went as far as a suite, just a threatening letter, and David decided not to fight Goliath on this one.

Sadly, the truly anonymous Hooktube is no more. I think they were threatened with legal action around the beginning of July. Hooktube is now no more than a YouTube OEmbed in their website, which gives all the surveillance demographics to Google. See the author's @swack Tweet at

It's too bad -- the original Hooktube had facilities for downloading the video in various encodings and resolutions, audio-only, &c. For that, there's still youtube-dl

@bobjonkman ok, so is the source code to the original version of the site still available? If so, maybe someone could set up a version outside US jurisdiction? Is that what is?

Sorry. 1) I don't know. 2) Don't think that will help. 3) Never heard of it.

@bobjonkman 2) goOgle's threats of legal action are much less intimidating if you're hosted outside the reach of US law. 3) I'm told that does what HookTube used to do. It works for me with all JS from goOgle and YT blocked by .

@strypey The last I checked, there was JS from YouTube, GoogleVideo,, and some of Google's advertising domains. It still worked with script-blocking as long as YT and GV were allowed.

@strypey yeah maybe don't go to the main hooktube web site though, in front of your wife...

@donblanco funny, I just did, and it looked pretty innocent. Maybe what you see on the HookTube main page has more to do with what goOgle knows about your browsing habits?

@strypey well I hope they aren't using Google data, but no, I haven't been Googling for male nudes, so...

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