That's almost what it is anyway. It's the type of thing where there's no further discussion really to be had about the fact that they're gay, or whatever sexuality they are.

We've been educated enough to know that there ARE differences, but they're not differences that need to be "worked out" or anything like that


@brandon @kiri when my grandparents went to school they were physically beaten for being left-handed. I live in hope that the children of my daughter's generation will look back on society oppressing people for being non-homo or non-cis as being just as unthinkable and inexplicable as trying to force southpaws to be right-handed.

@strypey That's kinda really fucked, I'm glad we're pretty much past that these days :/

@brandon along similar lines, it's common for indigenous people to be forced to use the colonizer's language in courts, commerce, and education. Often the children are punished for speaking the indigenous language at school, and this was definitely the case in / NZ. Now, use is encouraged in all public schools, there are options to have it as the main language of instruction in publicly-funded , and serious proposals to have bilingual education for all students.

@brandon again, I'm hoping the children of my daughter's generation will look back at the reactionaries who are actively campaigning for Aotearoa to remain monolingual - despite all the evidence of the many benefits of growing up bilingual - and wonder if they'd been eating off lead plates or something

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