More disturbingly bad pop psychology misdiagnosis of the "social media" problem ...

> "The mainstream social internet is so big; everyone is connected to everyone, over a billion on Facebook alone. The consequences of connection — fake news, radicalization, massive targeted harassment campaigns, algorithmically-generated psychological torment, inane bullshit — were not part of what we were sold."

I agree all these things are bad, but they're not new, and they're definitely not "consequences of connection", but the consequences of corporate-owned media, ad-based revenue model, and political bitterness caused by rising inequality. We migrated to the net in the 90s because the same perfect storm had hopelessly warped TV, and we naively thought the net might be different.

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@strypey I think there's also a narrative being pushed to discredit the Web in general at the moment. Precisely because it is better than centrally controlled and state-censored broadcasting in many ways. Just look at how NYT & Co are suddenly able to claim that they are the ones protecting the world from bullshit, when it was them who provably indoctrinated audiences with BS and fake news for decades.


@raucao exactly. The corporate news media invented "fake news" (also know as "public relations"), starting with Bernays and WWI propaganda in films and newspapers, and segueing smoothly through ad-funded "news networks" on radio and TV stations, to corporate "social media" platforms.

@raucao The doco 'Psywar' tells the story of Bernays and the rise of PR and ads in a fairly compact form (don't let the title put you off, no required), but if you have the patience for about 3 hours of viewing time, knows his subject much better in his 'Century of the Self' series than he does in '... Machines of Loving Grace'

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