Here's a blog piece that's typical of the "subverting expectations is good" defence of :

TL;DR he liked it because his son liked the broom trick at the end. But that ending is an excellent example of the many ways Ep 8 suffered from . The problem is not that scene being in the film at all, a variation of it could have made a nice coda to the Canto Bight sequence, giving us some breathing room to absorb everything took place there. But as the end?

The broom scene is the sort of open-ended, feel-good movement that might make sense as the end of a trilogy. But it's a completely tone deaf way to end part two, especially a part two as dark as , a film with a body count among the core cast rivalled only by . Wait ... did think us nerds would like his total disregard for characters arcs because made unanticipated executions of lead characters cool? If so, he's failed to understand how that works

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My feelings about how Ep 8 let its characters down, especially the legacy characters, is summed up nicely in the comment by Chris Wachal (Dec 19, 2017, can't seem to get the permalink right now). Best quote:
"[] was saying that Luke’s achievements, in fact, ALL of the achievements that were accomplished in the original trilogy weren’t important. They were all undone and they weren’t heroes any longer."

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