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I understand why permissions are useful and necessary in systems, but at times, they are a royal pain in the proverbial! If I had a pancake for every times I've moved non-sensitive movie, music etc files to or from a USB, or across a LAN, and ended up with weird permissions issues about who can read them, or rename them, or move them between folders, or delete them, I would have massive stack of pancakes.

Right now, I'm trying to teach myself to use for backups. I'm using -a to preserve a few symlinks in my folders (eg for associating photos in a photos folder with related project files in a records folder), and hitting all sorts of weird permissions errors. Argggggghhhh! :<

@strypey I heartily suggest rdiff-backup. Al lthe convenience of rsync combined with diff'ed backups. Super simple, and when you have to recover, so much more precise that an rsync dump.

Here's my tutorial about it. Pretty quick read.

@klaatu I like the writing of this piece. Conversational, thorough, with reasons for decisions given. Is this a living document, ie. are you still looking for feedback? I noticed a stray WRAP tag, for example.

@kensanata Thanks! Always open to feedback/improvement. I've fixed the stray wrap tag (thanks) but if you still have feedback, feel free to grab a copy of the raw text

and send me a patch or a diff or whatever's easiest for you (comments here on Mastodon work too).

My email is klaatu at the domain of

Received. I'll review tomorrow. Thanks know, doing the whole open source thing ! I love it when this happens.

@strypey All those problems disappeared for me when I finally FINALLY standardised my UID scheme. I take it right out of the 500s or 1000s (depending on the *nix) and stick all my users up in the 10000 range, and each human person gets one and exactly one UID no matter WHAT the system. No more permission troubles.