I should try to see the #Star_Wars movie "Solo" if I can find lang=EN + subtitles in ES instead of lang=ES.
@lnxw48a1 I will admit to enjoying Rouge One but The Force Awakens was so awful that I doubt that I will ever watch a Star Wars movie again. As a matter of fact I am starting to believe that Lucas should have stopped after the very first movie and never made another one.
@whistlewright You know, that's funny. I keep listening to people tell me how wonderful the original trilogy was, but I saw #Star_Wars:Ep4 in theaters in the 1970s and didn't see another until the 1990s. I thought SW:Ep5 was terrible. I thought SW:Ep6 was okay, but still worse than Ep4. So I had reduced expectations of the prequels because I thought the 2nd and 3rd movies were not as good as people say.
That one Empire Strikes Back, right? I really feel that Star Wars is a complete movie in and of itself and didn't need sequels. @lnxw48a1 is right. The first was ok but the quality of the story dropped after that. Empire wasn't as bad as Return of the Jedi which wasn't as bad as the prequels which weren't as bad as The Force Awakens. TFA was just a rehash of every Star Wars trope ever created and crammed into a very long and incredibly boring movie (to me, I see that you liked it)

@whistlewright @lnxw48a1 if you don't care about the characters, and/ or you don't find the idea of a rebellion against a fascist Empire compelling, and/or you don't find the idea of having to defeat the dark side of yourself before you can defeat the fascists without becoming one (or something worse) then *shrug* you're not going to enjoy . No big deal. But some of us love it, and we care about the stories being told well, and the character arcs being respected.

@strypey @whistlewright I enjoy #Star_Wars. That's why I'm willing to see Solo. But some of the movies were not as good (Empire Strikes Back among them). I find "first trilogy" worship puzzling when Ep 5 was so far inferior ... maybe even sub-prequel level.

@lnxw48a1 maybe you missed that post, but I asked you why you were disappointed with Ep 5.? Here's what I liked about. 1) it wasn't just a lazy retread of #1. The whole plot had totally different set pieces than , giving us Luke and Han as battle-hardened buddies, a ground battle in the snow, a slightly demented hermit living in a swamp, a floating mining city, and the big reveal that the villian was not just impersonal evil personified, but related to the hero.


@lnxw48a1 Luke losing his hand was crucial to setting up the resolution in Ep 6, in that it helped Luke understand a little of what his father has been through, instead of just seeing him as a psychopathic droid, as his costume initially suggests in Ep 4. 2) the story ended in a dark place, with Luke nursing his wounds (both physical and emotional), and the rebels on the run. Yet somehow it also ends on a note of cautious optimism, (totally unlike the ending of )

@lnxw48a1 3) Yoda. Yoda could have been a . The *exact* same dialogue, delivered in a hammy "meesa so sorry" way, along with the limits of using a puppet to play a live-action character, could have been painfully cheesy. For me, as an adult, as much as when I saw it as a child, Yoda is perfectly pitched. Neither a retread of uber-zen Obiwan, nor a jarring parody that can't be taken seriously in the role of the challenging mentor, which is essential to 'hero's journey' stories.

@lnxw48a1 4) Lando. With Luke and Han all buddy, buddy, and Luke going off to Degobah for most of the film anyway, the character tricycle that make Ep 4 so dynamic is missing a wheel. Lando fills this vacuum beautifully. I can *feel* from the tension between him and Han that they have a complicated back story, without pages of exposition dialogue giving me any more than the of the story. The scenes with all three of them zing.

@lnxw48a1 the second film in a trilogy, a bit like a band's second album, is always the most challenging. There are huge expectations to meet, the story can no longer coast on the novelty of its premises and the world it introduces, and it has to try to tell a narratively satisfying story in itself, while still setting the stage and building the tension for part 3. IMHO Ep 5 does this better than most.

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