I should try to see the #Star_Wars movie "Solo" if I can find lang=EN + subtitles in ES instead of lang=ES.
@lnxw48a1 I will admit to enjoying Rouge One but The Force Awakens was so awful that I doubt that I will ever watch a Star Wars movie again. As a matter of fact I am starting to believe that Lucas should have stopped after the very first movie and never made another one.
@whistlewright You know, that's funny. I keep listening to people tell me how wonderful the original trilogy was, but I saw #Star_Wars:Ep4 in theaters in the 1970s and didn't see another until the 1990s. I thought SW:Ep5 was terrible. I thought SW:Ep6 was okay, but still worse than Ep4. So I had reduced expectations of the prequels because I thought the 2nd and 3rd movies were not as good as people say.
That one Empire Strikes Back, right? I really feel that Star Wars is a complete movie in and of itself and didn't need sequels. @lnxw48a1 is right. The first was ok but the quality of the story dropped after that. Empire wasn't as bad as Return of the Jedi which wasn't as bad as the prequels which weren't as bad as The Force Awakens. TFA was just a rehash of every Star Wars trope ever created and crammed into a very long and incredibly boring movie (to me, I see that you liked it)

@whistlewright @lnxw48a1 if you don't care about the characters, and/ or you don't find the idea of a rebellion against a fascist Empire compelling, and/or you don't find the idea of having to defeat the dark side of yourself before you can defeat the fascists without becoming one (or something worse) then *shrug* you're not going to enjoy . No big deal. But some of us love it, and we care about the stories being told well, and the character arcs being respected.

@whistlewright @lnxw48a1 wasn't everything it could have been, for reasons I went into here. But it was much better than the prequels in terms of a) relatable characters, b) narrative focus, c) a sense of fun, which the prequels totally lacked, but tried to make up for with ill-fitting bathos and slapstick


@whistlewright @lnxw48a1 oh and d) effects that don't make the film look like someone else playing a video game and making you watch, and e) a director that knows how to direct actors. Lucas got some of the best actors in the business, and somehow managed to draw out some of the worst acting of their careers. In contrast, JJ Abrams took a bunch of unknowns (and Harrison Ford), and managed to put compelling performances on the screen.

@whistlewright @lnxw48a1 Here's an exercise; watch the first 5 minutes of each film. Do you know who the heroes are? Who the villains are? What's at stake? Did it involve boring exposition over a cup of tea, or compelling action that pulled you right into the universe? Yes, I'm obsessive about this shit. I'm also a writer (see: strypey.dreamwidth.org/), and I'm intrigued by what does and doesn't work in narrative.

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