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Under marked otherwise, all posts from this account are 4.0. Unless I send a DM, I want all my posts publicly visible, to any web browser, and any other user app or archival/ research system that speaks (and ideally and too). I'm happy for them to be indexed by any search system and included in any relevant search. That's why I publish them on the web with Mastodon. When I want to have private discussion, I use DMs. One day the AP-verse will do this better.

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"Our collective objective should be, to make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offence, or the disadvantage of anyone."
- Buckminster Fuller

"People say this is the age of technology. They're wrong. This is the age of manipulation."

- Mr World, American Gods


The Healthy or Hoax show on RNZ concludes that hemp seed oil shows promise as a beneficial ingredient for skin creams, although they're more sceptical about CBD skin products:

It would be useful to do a review of the websites of public organizations - governmental and independent - and see what external resources they depend on, eg free code CMS like WP or Drupal, or JS from third-party domains like Cloudflare or Google. I'm guessing there's a correlation between this and who builds them, and who maintains them (if anyone).

"It's not that cannabis use is unique to younger populations, it's everywhere. Cannabis actually has relatively much lower harms than alcohol, so I'd be more concerned at the moment that people aged 50 plus are using alcohol, and some are using alcohol a lot."

- , School of Health Sciences, , 2021

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"The bill also made the age limit too high."

True. Given the evidence now available from recent reviews of evidence from the Christchurch and Dunedin longitudinal studies, it's pretty clear that 18 is the sensible age limit for cannabis sales, the same as more dangerous legal highs like alcohol and tobacco.

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"A black market for cheaper, more potent cannabis would still exist ..."

Not if you allow limited home growing. People who want a stronger or cheaper supply would just grow their own. Combined this with licensed growing and the black market demand for cannabis would be about what is now for alcohol.

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Is Martin saying the NZ government's alcohol regulation doesn't aim to control supply because they allow home brewing?

"... [proposing] letting people grow the stuff [cannabis] at home was a mistake. Controlling supply should be the ultimate aim of any drug policy."

- , Senior Investigations Reporter at

I've just been watching a video of an Open Tech Will Save Us meetup from June 2020, where @rabble from explains that the SSB (Secure Scuttlebutt) protocol had already been reimplemented in a bunch of languages, well beyond the original Node.js prototype. The Planetary implemention uses Go:

Kia ora @jfa , welcome to the 'verse! Always great to see another kiwi here. There are a few of us participating from , not aware of too many other kiwi fediverse servers.

@PINE64 Is it possible to make more than one PinePhone OS available from a single sd card? Can Grub or Lilo be used for this? Or something akin to Ventoy, which can be used to make a boot USB with multiple live OS options?

Does anyone know if there is a Scuttlebutt client that would work on a PinePhone running postmarketOS?

@feneas (Federated Networks Association) is a member-run organization that supports the development and popularization of federated networks of all kinds. It runs online services for the federation community, including a Discourse forum, a Gitlab instance (which hosts dev) and a matrix homeserver. Please consider volunteering to help run services, giving a donation, or joining or renewing your membership:

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"#Psychedelic drugs have been exiled to the fringes of #medicine, dismissed as recreational drugs with limited #therapeutic potential. That changed with the #breakthrough therapy status granted last year to #psilocybin, the active compound found in magic mushrooms, for its ability to reverse treatment-resistant #depression. In our latest interview series, we discuss the potential of #psychedelics to revolutionize clinical #neuroscience with thought leaders in the field."

Just finished listening to this awesome, grungy, psychedelic stoner rock album by Green Meteor, 'Consumed by a Dying Sun', released in 2017:


Emma Ferris explores her journey of recovery in this excellent kiwi podcast, with support from her sister Sarah, and insights from clinical psychologist Dr Sophie Muir:
Conning the Con:

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Free (as in freedom), privacy-friendly, lightweight alternatives to Disqus:
- Isso -

- Schnack -

- Commentics -

- Spirit -

- HashOver -

- Epoch (WordPress) -

- Lyked (uses Google reCAPTCHA) -

#Privacy #Disqus #Internet #FreeSoftware

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The Detail podcast, produced by Newsroom with RNZ, reports on an example of the "intellectual property" logic of proprietary software development being applied to food growing ...

"Chinese growers are stealing the kiwifruit we stole from them in the first place, along with the varietal secrets New Zealand holds the rights to."

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