"Saliva testing is quicker, as accurate and cheaper than nasal testing" according to Chris Bishop here. (And invented by a Kiwi.) I want to check..is he conflating some things here? ondemand.parliament.nz/parliam

Collins:"Does [the PM] have a plan to keep delta in Auckland away from, say, Invercargill that doesn't involve the SI being in level 2?"; PM: "Yes Mr Speaker, and hopefully it involves that member being regularly tested" :) :) :) Around 5:45 here... ondemand.parliament.nz/parliam

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Re-read the 2017 Marsden review and forgot it SPECIFICALLY NOTES that "Post-doctoral fellows are generally too expensive to include in proposals, so
substantial work must be done by post-graduate students" mbie.govt.nz/assets/9c551e0eb9

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If you want a handle on how expensive food is here compared to UK (in this instance) look at this: This cost $39 - I would hazard about $140 here? twitter.com/bootstrapcook/stat

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Amazing statement from McCrae: While New Zealand did not have the deaths from Covid-19 that other countries have had, there were consequences for the country and companies of businesses being unable to send staff overseas

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By shutting down Crowdtangle and Adobserver, FB hopes to control the academic findings about the company's role in disinformation, hate, and harassment. The company runs its own research portal where academics are expected to access data about the platform.


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@BR3NDA@twitter.com @tui_talk@twitter.com the biggest and most efficient emissions reductions individuals can make involve reducing private car usage. everything else is toying with the margins or relying on society-wide switches that are unlikely to occur. everything.

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Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

And what the monitoring will be to ensure people *do not leave their property* and *isolate from other members of their household who are not in the travel group*


"Language of fake hurt and victimhood is ceaselessly deployed; nobody really swallows it, but it’s not there to be swallowed. It’s there to undermine the idea there could ever be a real victim, or genuine hurt; the politics of not feeling any [empathy]" theguardian.com/commentisfree/

Will @waikato@twitter.com rise to the challenge this implies?? University of Canterbury now New Zealand's first 'treaty university' stuff.co.nz/pou-tiaki/12646332

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Wife just sent me this. Won't someone think of the white people in Mission Bay.

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If, like me, you think PhD students should be paid a living wage please sign this open letter. In NZ stipends have not kept up with inflation & PhD students are now massively underpaid. This creates huge inequities over who can do a PhD which is bad for academia & society. twitter.com/dr_benomycin/statu

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Bar-tailed Godwit 4BYWW reported in from Pūkorokoro Miranda at 07:51 this morning. Made it in one non-stop flight which lasted about 8 days 12 hours distance, it looks like she flew at least 12,200km giving her an average speed of 59kph

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I think I am owed an explanation by the @nzherald@twitter.com and @FranOSullivan@twitter.com

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Really perplexed by what she thinks goes into a model, other than maths?

Btw: is she American? What’s with this ‘math’ thingummybob?? 😒

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Make no mistake — spending much more money on an underground subway instead of an at-grade LRT when all the key conditions (land-use density, ridership etc) don’t warrant a subway, is NOT about loving public transit. It wastes transit money.

It’s about not inconveniencing cars. twitter.com/penalosa_g/status/

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