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We need a national inquiry into cyclist and pedestrian deaths in Aotearoa. People are being killed while using the 'safety infrastructure' that Councils are building. We need a 'Health and Safety Act' for our streets, like we have for our workplaces. tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealan

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Chris Hipkins says mandating scanning in with the NZ COVID Tracer app is not possible because Apple and Google, who developed the complementary Bluetooth tracing protocol, would pull their support from the app. cc @andrewtychen@twitter.com

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Ms Collins gets cancelled by NZ media but doesn't complain!!!!

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@MariaSherwood2@twitter.com Well that's very open & transparent isn't it? If media won't ask @JudithCollinsMP@twitter.com anything about the dirty politics she was part of what chance they'll ask her about this? If they can't even be open & honest with each other what chance they'd be that in govt? The answer's none

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Toxic waste leaching cyanide into Foveaux Strait, but don't worry, it's the most carbon efficient aluminium smelter in the world

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Man who got his big break selling out NZ at 100k a time working on new shabby grift

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Yo it's hospo workers time to shine aye. Around 73% of hopso employers can't find workers to fill their positions. That means you have epic room to bargain for higher wages and cut shit clauses outta of employment agreements. DM me for. More info.

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Care for us? True indeed! They ne’er car’d for us yet. Suffer us to famish, and their store-houses cramm’d with grain

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....aaaaand they removed it, leaving a "page not found" hole in its place, as if it never happened. The utter cynicism of it.

Keep those subscriptions cancelled.

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@phillippaonline@twitter.com I did a quick refresher on the fallout from Dirty Politics and had entirely forgotten that Collins resigned as MP, and Key took the 'Right Honorable' tag off her.
And now she's the National leader.

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@SEaqub@twitter.com @coughlthom@twitter.com It is important too, to be clear than NZ cities are land rich in the sense that we use existing urban land poorly, inefficiently, not in the sense that they are surrounded by low value, proximate, easy to service bare land.

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Students are not customers. Words matter, and reveal political and social values and assumptions. I’m going to make a fuss about these little things because they’re the paving towards the bigger losses. We stand for education in community: @nzteu@twitter.com

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Anyone that doesn't understand National's Policies by now doesn't want to. After all we've had them since 1972

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Both of these unscrupulous lobby groups are linked to @NZNationalParty@twitter.com: Ex Nat MP Katherine Rich is CEO of Big Food; and two Nat MPs and former Beehive staffers (Chris Bishop, list MP; Todd Barclay, former Southland MP) were lobbyists for Big Tobacco. 4/

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@rnz_news@twitter.com If you look at Destiny Auckland’s latest charities filing you’ll see it’s insolvent and 4 mths overdue its 2020 filing. With Auckland at L3 they have to find another congregation to get money out of

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In case anyone in the South Island is still wondering why you needed to go to Level 2: Brian and Hannah Tamaki, after escaping Auckland before midnight on Saturday are now heading for Invercargill.
You've been warned

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