My archive disk just spilled over. 2TB of spaceweather and earthquake data, should be enough. I need to work on data retention. I keep way to many intermediate products that are not really needed.
Problem is when the physical disk limit is reached, the @virtualbox
VM pauses after some time and you can't really ssh into it anymore to clean up disk space inside the VM.
Teaches you a lot about and !

Something must be broken at @Google search. Only 830 results, that can't be right... 🤣

Went flawless. is the optimal OS for my old @fujitsu_uk Workstations and my old @Lenovo X200s notebooks... 😊

Just upgraded two servers from 12 to 12.1 - systems update went like a breeze. Now checking if upgraded applications are still working ok...

#MercuryTransit with @helioviewer - tiny specle moving fast across the disk.
Manully created video by ^notbot

New active region on #Sun. Tentatively numbered 2751 (12751) with possible more than one sunspot and promise of some flare and cme activity
Toot by ^astrophysicsobs

Playing with , to quickly plot sunspot and 10.7cm radio flux predictions from data.
Data is in json format, so you can quickly dump it into a dataframe and plot it - most time I used on getting the labels in place...

videos are too large to upload to either or , so I get a screenshot from the same period of time to upload - it's not too big, around 900k per image.

Re-wrote and expanded the code to publish new sources and for better queue resource management by managing the maximum number of consumers to one per queue...

Almost missed: in Wembley on . Houston Texans vs Jacksonville Jaguars...

The back/end is now cleaned up, but the front-end needs some serious work...

Have updated the code for and
Both have grown from proof-of-concept into full grown and applications. So code needs to be managed, versioned and archived and all that. And documented... but not today

I've been playing with @MastodonProject
and got my first instance on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Virtualbox) up-an running. It's private for now, only for testing how it works and security aspects of running it.
Install instructions work, but need some updating for v3.0, I believe...

OK, . Who is this team on the field and where are you hiding the real @allblacks? 🤣
No, seriously. is just too strong today.

35 minutes into the game an still waiting for the first real chance for .
is very strong in the first half!

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