@codewiz well my first though is that most stock indexes focus on a super narrow section of the economy. For example big tech doesn't really seem affected by the situation yet.

My second thought is that top companies stock would include prospects of income made outside the US, which end up in tax havens outside the US. Would those affect the gdp?

@arran that definitely sounds weird. I've never not had an initial interview (or two) before a technical test

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@wolf480pl Except if you're a human. Then it's animal cruelty.

@wolf480pl The logic is as sound as equating removal of all humans to "100% good". As if other animals aren't just as cruel and good as humans.

Dolphins have been observed helping humans for no apparent reason, and orcas observed hunting for sport and playing with their prey.

Either we attribute all definitions of "good/bad" to only humans, or we attribute it equally to all animals. Can't have it both ways.

@wolf480pl @sir Good is a human concept. Remove all humans and nothing is good.

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Say what you will about Bernie Sanders, but he undeniably has a level of self awareness which is rare in politicians

There's something to be said about making the public bus experience good.

To this day I still get a cozy feeling inside when I see one of the local busses driving by late at night. With the lights revealing the comfy seating and people relaxing while traveling to their destination.

It feels cozy, comfortable, and safe to the point where I've definitely felt the urge to take the bus after just watching it drive by. Even though I had nowhere to go.

@matt The meetup functionality and calendar integrations are on point, but otherwise it's a glorified skype client where I continue to do 1-to-1 chatting or 3-5 person group chats.

Meanwhile slack and similar platforms actually encourage sharing resources and knowledge in larger communities within your workplace.

@matt We also use that, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm in like 20 channels I will never ever check because I can't control individual channel membership.

Majority of our channels are ghost towns nobody writes into, or if, god forbid, someone writes in one of them then they'll never get an answer.

At this point I don't read anything I'm not mentioned on.

Meanwhile I can keep up with all relevant channels on slack with ease, even skimming unrelated conversations.

@matt imo teams is so much worse than slack.. I really dislike it.

@vifon you don't have to push your changes as soon as you commit them, though.

You can commit it, then stash anything else, and run your tests.

Managing code in git requires care. Either by you or by whoever is cleaning up the code later.

@sir I feel like IDE's and text editor plugins did their fair share with their commit-everything-without-looking GUI.

Any time anyone asks for tips on how to get better at git all i ask is that they use the CLI and add changes one by one, e.g. with git add -p, because that's like 80% of the way to decent git usage.

@alexbuzzbee probably not worth rescanning the packages between states if it's on the same truck, or if it can quickly be shifted over to other trucks/trains without handling individual packages.

@sir How much of that is for builds?

Is git hosting and the basic websites to support it fairly light?


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Still hosting data at a US firm and worried about the recent ECJ ruling that deems those incompatible with EU #privacy law? There is NO GRACE period! In a lawsuit you have to show you took timely action. Here's help from NOYB on what to do:

@hund I don't trust printers enough to own one 😅

Working as onsite it support for more than 2 weeks was enough to make me never want to interact with a printer again.

@feld ah, cool. I have been considering adding borg as a backup tool, but duplicati performs fine and haven't really gotten around to adding anything else.

Was your impression that borg was generally slow or just that it got bad with size? I don't have a lot of data in my backups (~150GB)

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