I'm feeling a bit self conscious about Firefox keeping track of how many times I've visited a domain...

Like, maybe it could stop counting after 10 😅

USA: Protests, riots, police brutality
Denmark: some dude got tired of his neighbor and moved his bed out in the middle of a road by an intersection. Police asked him to move his bed back inside.

What you think you look like in the new spacex spacesuits vs what you actually look like 😆

Nice Fedora... Ship kernel 5.6.6 that ZFS dkms won't build on and then missmatch kernel 5.3.7 against kernel-headers 5.3.6.

And while you're at it, let's drop all the other kernels from the repo so there's only two broken options..

Apparently my email provider does not like encrypted email

COVID19 DK hospitalization stats 

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Have you ever tried deleting 20 repositories from Github?

It takes a lot of clicks. I feel like I could have confirmed my sureness in less than 120 clicks.

Sometimes I wonder if Azure's ridiculously slow event management system is a way to squeeze money out of people...

8 minutes to "shutdown" a VM where the guest OS already shut down. I have no idea what it does, but I can't update the VM specs, turn it on, or even delete it until it decides it "shut down"

I'm actually really liking it. Seems to be a noticeable difference.

It's also interesting to have the metrics to look into. I'm a sucker for data, so I end up checking it frequently and trying to determine what's causing outliers in the data.

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This cannot be how consent works...

And then I failed the fucking captcha 5 times and forgot to check the box again when I finally got it right.

It's weird how many web applications become completely useless on an unstable but fast connection.

Up to 400 Mbps down but sometimes stuff just takes 2 seconds to load anyway.

Reason number #85327 to not use ... It honestly looks like it's mining bitcoin in the background when I'm just idling on the homepage.

My mind was just blown by how well the webUI works on mobile...

At work we can't connect phones to the network, so I never got a chance to test it until now.

Seriously nice work from here.

librem5 ranting 

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anger with sonos 

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