#DRM is annoying and make me feel like I am treated as a criminal.
I paid for it and purchased it the legit way. Why would you put barriers in front of me when I try to use, read, listen to, play, watch it.

Why do people who pirate get to have better user experience and more options than I do :ac_angry:

@murtezayesil pirate world is not user-friendly although it is a better usage experience of course. Buy them to "support" and then pirate them anyways... That's an option.


@nitox @murtezayesil Honestly pirating is much more user friendly.

The tracker doesn't care who produced or licensed the movie/show. They have them all, so you don't need to figure out where it's available or who you need a subscription with to watch.

Also, who thinks it's acceptable to only release a few, randomly selected, seasons of a show instead of the entire thing??

I don't encourage pirating and only seek the content/service/product from its original provider.

About releasing chunks of content instead of the entire thing, I will complain about releasing the entire thing to some parts of the world and discard others. I am currently in Kyrgyzstan and many services don't accept payment from Kyrgyzstan for some reason.

@rune @nitox

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