WSL is MSFT's attempt to "enclose" Linux entirely within Windows. This is MSFT's only option due to Linux's GPL v2 license. But, to be frank, WSL is the worst of both worlds - Linux, but constrained by the arbitrary limitations of Windows. Yes, MSFT trying to control the platform.

If you want to use Linux... why not just use Linux? There's literally nothing standing in your way. Using WSL is voluntarily making yourself a pawn for MSFT's proprietary interests.

@lightweight Funnily enough, as I understand there's no Linux kernel in WSL. So it's more GNU/Windows.

No thanks.


@alcinnz @lightweight first generation WSL is actually GNU/NT. It's amazing that it's not some trademark violation to call it Linux.

Second generation WSL is just a virtual machine running a Linux distro on top of Windows. Almost as crazy that Microsoft trademarked a name that describes something everyone already does - virtual machines.

@rune @alcinnz @lightweight
WSL: "no it's not a VM, it's built in to the kernel!"
WSL 2: "it's WSL but it's even better because it's running a real kernel!"

@bugaevc @rune @alcinnz but it's still running on Windows, so it's the nice healthful slice of tomato in a shit sandwich.

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