I've been using my cheap-ass 4 years old Chromebook pretty heavily on the battery, yet it still manages to last about 7 hours. I'm impressed.

@ayo AFAIK Li-Ion batteries degrade when you keep them 100% charged, so if you use it heavily, it should be good for it.

@Wolf480pl @ayo possibly somewhat, but high load cycling is definitely a factor in degradation.

The truth is you should care about getting a good quality battery and just use it however you need to use it.

@rune @ayo from my experience, if you need 30min of battery 90% of the time, and 6h of battery once a month, having a spare battery that you only use for those 6h excursions and keep offline otherwise is a good strategy.


@Wolf480pl @ayo Is that really worth it, though? On a theory?

The upfront cost alone of an additional battery, the planning of bringing the good battery, etc.

My 1911 days old battery still holds 80% charge after 907 cycles, which is plenty for both use cases and the laptop is definitely not worth the cost of an additional battery by now.

And if I have to theorize, I'd still bet on 100% charge over high load cycles. There's a *steep* downhill curve at 1100 cycles 😅 coconut-flavour.com/ccbonline/

@rune @ayo
I have a laptop which had its charger plugged all the time. Its stock battery would initially hold like 3h. After 2 years, it went down to 30min.

If I'm buying a new battery anyway, and have a limited choice as it has to be compatible with the laptop, I'm not gonna risk using it when I don't need it.

@Wolf480pl @ayo I understand the desire to buy an insurance policy (an additional battery), but it's still just anecdotal evidence from one battery life against what appears to be a trend on multiple different laptop models 😄

Sadly I can't find stats for how much data they have, and it's not exactly proof without some kind of controlled group, but it's still very suggestive.

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