@DashEquals@linuxrocks.online @dansup I was about to talk about federated Imgur until I "translated" that into "image sharing site" and it dawned on me that's the description of pixelfed.

In my mind I guess I equated pixelfed to Instagram and I consider Instagram and Imgur to be completely different.

Weird how the brain does things.

@rune it would be cool to see alternative clients people could use to login to servers and manage images in ways more similar to , , etc.
@DashEquals@linuxrocks.online @dansup

@strypey @DashEquals@linuxrocks.online @dansup oh yes definitely.

I think it might only be a few superficial differences.
1. Make it easy to link directly to media (god I hate how Instagram makes it hard to share or save an image)
2. Conversations need to have nesting to make it more usable by a larger group of people. Single thread quickly falls apart.
3. Some kind of vote based system to order comments by and create that "Frontpage" feel.


@strypey @DashEquals@linuxrocks.online @dansup Incidentally a reddit clone also needs these same features but may not include a picture in every post.

You could even make "subreddits" by just using post tags and making them browsable in a similar way.

@Niquarel@mastodon.social Nice! Thanks for the heads up 😁

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