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Since working from home my son has complained about me typing too loudly and my wife about me swearing too much. Not sure what people thought computer programming was all about because that's pretty much it.

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@codesections Every Stanislav Petrov day, people should take a few minutes out of their day to practice not destroying the world. Unfortunately, I don't have very much I can glue to a publicly-accessible Big Red Button, so this will merely shut down my computer.

Practice not pressing the big red button.

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Texas gov just issued mandatory mask policy hahahahahhaa :lol: :texas:

The point of CI/CD is kinda lost when people stop building their code locally and just keep pushing commits until Jenkins says it works...

My favorite thing about SpaceX using generic hardware and Linux is that it technically pushes a lot of dumb Linux problems into the "it's rocket science" scope and now I can be pedantic about it.

I also make super confusing typos on my phone because I enabled both English and Danish dictionaries for the Danish keyboard layout.

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Being bilingual and having both Danish and English speaking friends is very confusing.

I often catch myself arbitrarily switching languages. And I've also noticed I'm completely incapable of recalling what language I was using - just minutes later.

I don't think I'll ever be able to take the phrase "cloud-native" seriously...

It's the kind of thing people say they're prioritizing until they have to move it into Azure, then they replace it with SaaSS.

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Snowden is absolutely correct that tech workers are complicit in how their companies hurt society. Working for these companies is a moral choice people make, and they must be held accountable for the consequences of their actions.

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Not sure, who shared this link with me, but this is really awesome thing to read and think about

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> To detach the fork and turn it into a standalone repository on GitHub, contact GitHub Support.

Are we in 2020?? Couldn’t this be

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#bountysource changed their ToS such that bounties that have been posted more than 2 years ago will be seized by them (probably to fund the blockchain company that bought bountysource a while back). The change will become active July 1. If you have any bounties on bountysource posted before June 30, 2018 you can ask to redeploy your bounty on a new issue once.

@microg will no longer advertise the use of bountysource for issue bounties. Please refrain from posting new bounties there.

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Bountysource updated their ToS to pay all unclaimed bounties to themselves. It's a scam because they know the average time for an unknown project from opening an issue to finding someone who's willing to do it is much higher, three or four years. I'm out.

My laptop's space key broke 9 months ago. I can still press it, but there is no spring so it's just flat against the case.

My "R" key started failing today and I'm starting to wonder how many keys I'm gonna tolerate before replacing a 7 year old laptop.

Well... this explains basically everything about the US...

"People who were reminded of their own death were far more likely to support Trump."

Which pairs up nicely with many Americans probably knowing they're fucked if something happens cause they can't afford health care.

I'm always surprised by how active the arch installer iso torrent is.

They release a new iso every month. 15 days in and there are 3752 total downloads. And the torrent is very performant with 862 active seeders.

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