"Your password will expire in 1 munute(s)."

I had to create time strings for every half hour of the day.... So "00:00, 00:30.. 23:30".

And I was thinking about it for a minute before my colleague asked why I didn't just do it in excel... Which I then did, and it was much easier.

Then I could just copy it over and insert the data in my shell.

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The ethics of unauthorized software redistribution 

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What's a good authentication method that's natively supported by #nginx? You know, something better than basic auth.

Oh the fragility of the web.

Funny differences in HTML syntax when compiling HTML to PDF using wkhtmltopdf.

Since it's webkit it's different from both chrome and firefox.

And apparenlty this isn't a clickable link:
<a href="/"><h4>some text</h4></a>
But this is
<h4><a href="/">some text</a></h4>

wkhtmltopdf wouldn't install on Fedora, but docker to the rescue.

9 lines of Dockerfile, 10 lines of ruby code, and 17 lines of systemd service/timer config.

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I've been using a website as a CV for a good 4 years now.

Every once in a while I'd need a PDF CV and just printed the website to PDF from my browser. But it doesn't really work in Firefox I realized..

So as I was thinking of a more accessible way of doing it, I realized that using wkhtmltopdf with the ruby wrapper wicked_pdf makes it super simple to generate the PDF automatically every so often.

So now I can just change the website and an up to date PDF version is generated automatically.

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We are now approved as an organization on github sponsors: github.com/sponsors/f-droid

We only have mirrors of our repositories on github, but if using github sponsors is a convenient way to donate to projects for you, feel free to use this.

The funds will be contributed to our #opencollective without any additional fees.

You can also find other options to donate here f-droid.org/donate/

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We’ve dropped the price of our Fairphone 3, making it even easier to own the world’s most sustainable phone. 📱 💚

For more information, take a look at our webshop ➡️ : bit.ly/2Fepush

#fairelectonics #daretocare #wearefairophone #changeisinyourhands

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absolutely cursed do not open 

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"Sorry I missed your comment of many months ago. I no longer build software; I now make furniture out of wood. The hours are long, the pay sucks, and there's always the opportunity to remove my finger with a table saw, but nobody asks me if I can add an RSS feed to a DBMS, so there's that :-)"



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I'm really happy about the first two episodes of the new Archer season.

They're finally back to canon, so it's the original characters. I'm also very pleased that despite going "back" they're definitely giving it a new feel with how they've changed the social dynamics.

I guess some of the themed seasons were good, but I didn't like it as much as the original show.

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I don't hate kubernetes, I hate kubernetes culture. The culture of tech dorks surrounding the product itself is fucking unbearable sometimes, especially on birdsite.

It's like if I wanted to be in an echo-chamber of buzzwords and shitty tech practices I could just go get employed again.

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Disney makes a million,
Employees make a dime.
Disney+ is less ethical
Than Popcorn Time.

One time a RHEL kernel update basically stopped producing entropy on our virtual machines at work.

The red hat supporter suggested that I should move the mouse and keyboard to generate entropy.
I reminded him that it was a virtual machine.
He assured me that he wasn't trying to make a joke.
We agreed to disagree about the meaning of the word "regression".

And since then I've installed havaged on like 400 virtual machines as one of the first things in provisioning.

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"Workplaces are complex social ecosystems just like all other places humans inhabit, and decentralizing them can obliterate the things that make them satisfying"

Generation Work-From-Home May Never Recover: The social and economic costs borne by young people without offices

Sometimes I think about that time Linus Torvalds wrote the following on Google+:
"I hope I won't end up having to hunt you all down and kill you in your sleep."

It really was a simpler time

My roku has been telling me that my remote is low on battery for a solid 2 months now

You know those websites that ask if you want to accept cookies? And then work flawlessly when you press no? Like what the fuck?

If your website works identically without cookies then just disable that shit. What happened to good UX? Just think about how many hours every year people waste clicking no just to have their basic privacy respected.

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