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@papa @sir Rick Falkvinge (founder of the Swedish Pirate Party) wrote some *excellent* articles on TorrentFreak on the topic:

He points out things such as how authors and artists are technically entrepreneurs and we should question thoroughly the idea that a special class of entrepreneurs should get to free-ride off a small amount of work for the rest of their lives while no other class of entrepreneurs get to do that.

(Work is supposed to be trading something scarce, like the worker's time, for something scarce, like money. Copies of a recording are non-scarce. Performances are scarce.)

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#2287 "Pathogen Resistance" 

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open-source low-cost ventilator (covid)(pls boost) 

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Recently discovered an alternative for balena etcher. You can find it here:

FOSS, crossplattform, under 1mb in size, NOT electron based, no analytics crap. (For detailed infos, read the comparison chart on the project page)

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Internet as a utility during COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Any "icon creators" here? A new FOSS app will hit @fdroidorg soon, but the author is no "graphical guy" and thus needs your help for a good icon.

So: Icon designers, please join in – everyone else is welcome to boost, as usual 😃


Today I learned that Iceland hasn't used daylight saving time since 1967.

If only I lived in such a civilized country.

God I hate DST

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I' now view venture-funded vs. bootstrapped as just as important a distinction as proprietary vs FOSS.

VCs invest in companies that they think will either 1) fail or 2) as 10× as big. No one can grow 10× by organically growing their current user base with a good product—they have to change *something*. And those changes frequently harm/abuse current users.

So, I'm suspicious of #gitlab, #wire, and #keybase#foss software can't make up for perverse growth incentives.

h/t @schlink re: Wire

Have you ever tried deleting 20 repositories from Github?

It takes a lot of clicks. I feel like I could have confirmed my sureness in less than 120 clicks.

is better than Inbox and Gmail in almost every way.

They may outcompete in features that I don't need, but Mailpile is better at everything I do need.

I use Mailpile on every device I have, and it just works. Which is what an email client should be like.

A year ago Google shut down Inbox, which was the only passable way to interact with Gmail.

I say this knowing other people have different needs than me, but I need:
- Web interface
- Read and send mail from multiple email acounts in one UI
- Mobile friendly
- Not horribly sluggish to use
And while Inbox didn't work on mobile their app was good enough for me to make an exception.

When they announced the shutdown I was pretty desperate, but luckily I found

I'm never looking back.

@sir I'd like to report an UX issue for

I've just started using it and, several times, I've clicked on a link or button and failed to realize that it loaded, for several seconds, because it loaded so rapidly 🤣

Actually, the issue may also be that the stylesheet loads too quickly, so there isn't a partially rendered site, for a split second, to let me know that the page loaded.

Really quite impressive that I've never experienced this before 😄

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printf debugging has been sufficient for 99.9% of the errors I debug on a daily basis

COVID-19, pandemic game 

Sometimes I wonder if Azure's ridiculously slow event management system is a way to squeeze money out of people...

8 minutes to "shutdown" a VM where the guest OS already shut down. I have no idea what it does, but I can't update the VM specs, turn it on, or even delete it until it decides it "shut down"

I'm actually really liking it. Seems to be a noticeable difference.

It's also interesting to have the metrics to look into. I'm a sucker for data, so I end up checking it frequently and trying to determine what's causing outliers in the data.

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i love videos like this. someone taking a sorta terrible but interesting idea to its limit and actually nicely explaining and documenting it, and it takes actual thought and stuff.
"30 Weird #Chess Algorithms: Elo World"
#suckerpinch #tom7

So I bought an air purifier today. Kinda excited to see if it'll be a noticeable improvement.

I have no allergies, but it's way too cold in Denmark to air out often most of the year. The air will often end up feeling a bit icky.

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