Historical writer here!

So far, I've written about pre-Columbian South America for adults & kids in English and Spanish.

All links (including freebies): linktr.ee/intrepiddudettes

Currently working on a short story anthology for kids based on the history of the Amazon region :)

What are you currently writing/reading?

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Huh - interesting thing just popped up on my timeline: zdnet.com/article/google-backt Looks like Google have realised they're not converting users... I'm going to continue leaving Google, because otherwise, I'm just setting myself up for annoyance as they do other things to 'convert' me to a paying customer.

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I'm a kindergarten coder. I'm mucked around with very some simple BASIC, Pascal, C#, and Python, I know the bare bones of Bash, and I once learned enough Git to be dangerous. If I want to earn a living from programming, what are the essential skills and knowledge I'd need to spend some time learning to be useful to an employer?

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