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e.g. also quotes 's CEO bragging in a car dealer's magazine about how "it only takes small improvements in conversion rates for a dealership to see a dramatic shift in revenue."

But I've recently been subject an aggressive and presumably targeted campaign of ads for the Ford Raza Fuerte. Somebody's personality-inferring algorithms are scewiff; I'm *so* not going to buy a car, and even if I did, it would never be a 4x4

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However, the accuracy of these systems seems pretty suspect to me. I've seen output from the Personality Insights service, and it looks like bullshit to me.

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Talking about Facebook [and presumably other surveillance capitalists] hoarding their analyses of personality-revealing data, Kosinski says "it's not because they're evil, but because the general public is bloody stupid." Not because we share our data, but because we don't compel surveillance capitalists to share *their* data with *us*: "We should basically grow up finally and stop it".

Talk about victim blaming!

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can supposedly use texts to glean the authors' 'big five' personality characteristics, but also their 'needs': "Excitement, Harmony, Curiosity, Ideal, Closeness, Self-expression, Liberty, Love, Practicality, Stability, Challenge, and Structure", and also 'values': "Self-transcendance/Helping others, Conservation/Tradition, Hedonism/Taking pleasure in life, Self-enhancement/Achieving success, and Open to change/Excitement"

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Kosinski and his colleague, David Stillwell, warned that "social media users are dangerously unaware of the vulnerabilities that follow their innocent but voluminous personal disclosures".

Just FaceBook 'likes' can supposedly reveal "sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious and political views, personality traits, intelligence, happiness, use of addictive substances, parental separation, age, and gender"

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quotes Michal Kosinski (a pioneer of the original personality analysis work that was harness by , IBM Watson, and others) characterizing his own work as "pretty creepy", and stressing that "many of the things that... one *can* do should certainly *not be done*.


How to make your tweets accessible:

1. Add alt text to images

2. Add captions to videos and fleets

3. Use symbols sparingly

4. Remove hashtags from your username

I have made all of these mistakes, and I'm still learning. It's ok! Keep on learning and spread awareness!

Facebook, Apple, Amazon e Microsoft non solo utilizzano i dati di #OpenStreetMap ma contribuiscono pure al suo miglioramento fornendo parte dei loro dati che, in questo modo, diventano patrimonio pubblico. Questo avviene perché queste aziende hanno il comune interesse a minare #GoogleMaps e perché le politiche di #OSM han permesso al database geografico open source di collocarsi in una posizione che alle stesse aziende conviene resti tale.

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft are contributing big time to .

"It’s the opposite of the — all of the private property holders, acting in their own self interest, are enriching the common resource rather than depleting it."

Is this great news for the Open movement? Or is it suspicious?


Maybe it's just that:
"a Google car will drive past my house taking photos and remembering its location every few years" less invasive than:
"Google will know my financial situation, social/professional connections, location, heart rate, and deepest desires every moment of every day"

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quotes Hal Varian, Google's chief economist: "Everyone will expect to be tracked and monitored, since the advantages, in terms of convenience, safety, and services, will be so great... continuous monitoring will be the norm."

Today this sounds ridiculous to me; the convenience, safety, and services aren't *that* great. Not great enough to trust Google as much as I trust my doctor, accountant, or lawyer.

But a mere month ago it seems I was saying the opposite. 🤔

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Youtube is going to start putting advertisements on more videos, including those that cannot be monetized by the uploader.

YT was never in our best interest, but even less so now.

"Kia ora! If you are familiar with New Zealand English and you’re over 18, it would be much appreciated if you filled out this <20 min survey! It’s for my Masters Thesis in Linguistics at UC. Thank you! -Laura Manhire"

Looks like #youtubedl is back on #Microsoft #Github:

Here's the interesting part though:

Was this all #RIAA actually wanted? If so, why not just talk to the devs and/or create an issue?

Or perhaps they thought they could get youtube-dl completely banned, and when backlash hit them (and MSGH), they settled on this as a pretext?

Either way, they're simply malicious.

#FuckRIAA #CopyrightReform

on IoT: "The very idea of a functional, effective, affordable product or service as a sufficient basis for economic exchange is dying", because buying a vacuum cleaner, bed, or thermostat increasingly entails connecting it to the internet to get full functionality. "The simple product functions that we seek are now hopelessly enmeshed in a tangled mixture of software, services, and networks".

To use the product, you have give them your money *and* your data.

In February I was indignant to discover that my go-to NZ news app was blabbing to Facebook every time I opened it.

Not sure why it took nine months to occur to me that I could just read their website using my privacy-protecting browser. 🤔

Overly technical software installation is a huge blocker for most people. This stops people from using privacy-protecting Operating Systems like #Linux.

If we are to get people into #foss products that are better for #privacy, please add "simple installation" to your issues list if you #dev or #market software.

#opensource #devs #webdevelopment #programming

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