I know this cat animation Google is inescapably imposing on my eyeballs is meant to be cute, but I'm the Grinch of Halloween, so it just makes me think WTAF every time it appears in my home screen. This is not my device, apparently.

Developing/promoting FTW! But we need a level of quality control and curation that can be hard to maintain.

When we point lay-people to all the alternatives to the , their first impression needs to be more enticing.

Beyond the dazzling array of 'instances' or 'hubs' or whatever they they don't have the energy to get their head around, they'll also sometimes encounter things that are just broken.

Like the demo for , an 'alternative to FaceBook'.


Today's step in project : delete 66GB of Google Photos.

This was surprisingly stressful; I *know* I've got multiple backups of the last decade, but now its safe-keeping is totally up to me!

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