During these times when the #privacy-invading practices of #WhatsApp are brought into light, it might be good to check back again with #DeltaChat:


I had only checked them back when they were just getting started, and encryption was still in the works. Today, encryption is built-in using #autocrypt and they offer even clients for the desktop.

Has anyone tried it?

Yet another privacy respecting chat app nobody I know uses?

@peter @kzimmermann I was looking for something like this a few years back and didn't find it. Might take it for a spin ...

@peter @kzimmermann So far: seems to work fine, and have almost everything I'd want

@peter @kzimmermann
No native video calling, unsurprisingly, but facility for starting calls with a third party service like Jitsi

@peter @kzimmermann But setting it up for non-gmail domains that use Google for email doesn't seem to work (which means it would be a tough sell for some of my social network)

@robertfromont wait, really? This sounds like a pretty significant letdown, since the big selling point of this project is to make email usable as a mass means to secure communication again.

I'll do some more investigation.


@kzimmermann @peter There appeared to be two problems:

1) It would successfully detect the domain supported OAuth, and authenticated successfully, but would then get the IMAP/SMTP host names wrong, so failed to connect.

I could manually fix up those host names in the settings, but can't expect most of the people I want to use this with to manage that...

@kzimmermann @peter 2) Once the host names were fixed, it would work for a while and then start showing IMAP errors, and not receive messages any more.

This rings a bell; I *think* Gmail has a low tolerance for long lived, or numerous, connections or something like that.

There seemed to be nothing to tweak in the settings to fix this, and again, even if there were, I can't expect my non-technical contacts to fix it themselves.

@kzimmermann @peter I guess I should raise a couple of issues on there GitHub repo <sigh>

@robertfromont it makes sense, I think large providers do something like that as a spam prevention measure or something. But breaks legit usage like delta.

There's a small "issue" writeup regarding specifically gmail in their site too, I think it covers at least your point #1




@kzimmermann @peter

I rasied an issue, and it turns out my issue is fixed but not released yet, so that's pretty encouraging.


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