Are you a windows user and programmer and are interested in helping with #inkscape ? I'm looking for someone to help with a small windows development task which has become stuck without a windows dev.

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We need folks who lived in NZ until there were at least 7, are over 18, have lived away from NZ for at least a year, live in UK/Aus, and who can't hold a basic conversation in te reo Māori. You'll receive a small thank you voucher from GiftPay. Please DM me if you can help! (2/2)

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Living in NZ and being exposed to the language, gives you some implicit knowledge of te reo Māori. But how long does this last when you leave?  If you are a NZer currently living in the UK or Aus, please help us find out by doing our short online experiment! (1/2)

"The FAIR Principles for Research Software have been released and are ready to be used! They will improve the sharing and reuse of research software, by making it Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable 👏"


For New Zealanders:

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We need more participants around New Zealand to help us track the impact of both flu and COVID-19 in your local community.

Please join by following this link:

It takes about 20 seconds per week to help us track flu and COVID-19. You will receive a weekly report and a map of respiratory illness in return!

Historical writer here!

So far, I've written about pre-Columbian South America for adults & kids in English and Spanish.

All links (including freebies):

Currently working on a short story anthology for kids based on the history of the Amazon region :)

What are you currently writing/reading?

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Huh - interesting thing just popped up on my timeline: Looks like Google have realised they're not converting users... I'm going to continue leaving Google, because otherwise, I'm just setting myself up for annoyance as they do other things to 'convert' me to a paying customer.

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I'm a kindergarten coder. I'm mucked around with very some simple BASIC, Pascal, C#, and Python, I know the bare bones of Bash, and I once learned enough Git to be dangerous. If I want to earn a living from programming, what are the essential skills and knowledge I'd need to spend some time learning to be useful to an employer?

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