Google Docs -> Nc+CODE✓
Google Docs on my phone -> Collabora Office β?
Seems to work?

De-googlification checklist:
Drive -> Nextcloud✓
Photos backup -> Nextcloud app✓
Calendar -> Nextcloud Calendar✓
Android calendar sync -> DAVx5✓
Keep -> Nextcloud Notes✓
Google Docs -> Nc+OnlyOffice✓
Google Docs on my phone -> ¿? OnlyOffice doesn't seem to work on Android; there's an app that integrates nicely with NextCloud, but docs are read-only.
Any ideas?

#Keybase just came out as a crypto-currency marketing scheme. Moreover, they're trying to spin the fact that they actively hid that their funding was coming from a crypto "non-profit" as a positive, _somehow._

I know they're popular on the fediverse as an identity verification service. If you're using it for that purpose, I urge you to reconsider in light of this.

Andre is bang on. It's not right or sustainable for people with advanced skills and experience to have to live in poverty, so they can spend their working hours building and maintaining the commons. I'm wouldn't claim to be one of those people, but for years I made that choice anyway, so I could dedicate myself fulltime to causes and commons projects. We all ought to be able to receive a living wage from the community for that sort of work.

"Language is humanity’s most spectacular [set of] open-source project[s]"

In this analogy, the core maintainers are the editors of dictionaries. Users of language can follow the standard package encoded in dictionaries, but are also free to modify to fit their needs and preferences, and share their customizations with their neighbours.

Hi @keybase. Your terms grant "non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable..., fully-paid and sublicensable right... to use, reproduce, modify, transmit, display and distribute" not only my public profile information, but also my files, including the encrypted ones, is that right?

Did you miss 's fantastic talk on the importance of Māori Data Sovereignty, Te Mana Raraunga and using open
source tools to exercise this sovereignty - at the Research Futures Symposium ?
No sweat, check out the slides here: ^CG

Okay, "I'll write some microfictions," I said. "This should be short."

First one fills three toots and I only shortened it to that with effort.

I can't refuse to join the System Alerts room. On my own instance.

You can record video but not audio-only?! Unless you install a separate audio-recording app?! Which is not named or linkd?!

Your own video isn't flipped during calls, which is a disorienting UX I'm liking the idea of it, but not it 😑

Catastrophic hardware failure means I'm on the market for a new computer. I like the quality of 🍎 hardware, but also like my OS to be open source. Can I have my cake and it it too?

Need a weekend read?

Thanks to the generosity of @mcsweeneys and the authors, The End of Trust, the first all-nonfiction McSweeney's issue, focusing on technology, privacy, and surveillance, is free to download under a @creativecommons license.

*sigh* I really must get around to publishing some of my research and thinking around the use of software in the movement, and my experiences working on upgrades to the website.

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