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How did I miss this announcement? Version 3.0 of PeerTube includes a P2P livestreaming feature, allowing instances to compete with the livestreaming offered by Twitch, YT, FB etc!


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A question to the experts here: If you want to publish videos, there are now “federated” alternatives to #YouTube such as #peertube (and others?).
What about a
#soundcloud alternative? Is there such a thing? And possibly also federated …

Mal eine Frage an die Experten hier: Wenn man Videos veröffentlichen will, gibt es ja inzwischen „föderierte“ Alternativen zu
#YouTube wie #peertube (und noch andere?).
Wie sieht es denn aus mit einer
#soundcloud alternative? Gibt es sowas? Und evtl. auch föderiert…

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Greetings from SFD2021. Thank you Elliot for checking in on our jitsi meet up and introducing us to Mastodon at NZOSS. Good to be here. Kia ora & Cheers

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Kia ora, greetings from SFD Team Christchurch of softwarefreedomday.org

Today we will be opening the event internationally with New Zealand sustaining a teleconference presence for visitors and other teams to check in with at meet.jit.si/SFD2021

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2/2 Via Rik Tindall
Our group has a monthly use of South Library PC lab and SFD is our annual expo event. However, this time under covid rules we are limited to just 7 attendees at a time etc. Notices go out via email lists, facebook and meetup.com/Chchtech/events/279

The city council carries our SFD notice at ccc.govt.nz/news-and-events/wh

We look forward to meeting you in person or online via meet.jit.si/SFD2021

Wishing you a very happy Software Freedom Day!

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