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RT I can only write Django apps while closely consulting the documentation, _much of which I wrote!_

Consulting docs/google/etc isn't a failure; it's literally what professional software development actually looks like.

I have so many questions about this frame from the Hunted. What's with the multiple stick notes featuring the word "cyber"? Why are various windows so inefficiently sized & positioned? Do people really use such insanely large indent sizes?

Intelligence is knowing that Frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster.
Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein /was/ the monster.
Charisma is being able to sell Frankenstein as a fruit salad.

I think there's a major hold in the market these days, and it'd be a great biz opportunity for some keen, principled, tech-savvy entrepreneurs:

Oh reddit. "During the Cold War, Finland secretly smuggled more than ten thousand vowels from Czechoslovakia. That's why the Finnish have sentences like 'Älä rääkkää kääkkää kääkänrääkkääjä!' and the Czechs have 'Strč prst skrz krk.'"

The tooling for generating customised Raspian images has become much more streamlined today.

RT Woohoo new hardware. This our new. upgraded raspberry pi hat. Go Cam from

Lint all the things! I've just fixed all issues picked by eslint for the cacophony API and web UI, and TravisCI is now running eslint for all pull requests. This helps to ensure a base level of code quality

RT 🎵I would walk 500 miles🎵
(actual mileage may vary)

🎵And I would walk 500 more🎵
(subject to status)

🎵Just to be the man who walks a thousand miles*🎵
(*Estimate only)

🎵To fall down at your door🎵
(Terms & Conditions apply)

- The Disclaimers

rebasing is great because it sounds and feels like work, but actually accomplishes nothing

RT Menno Finlay-Smits – Blending of Tech and Environment chats with and discusses that will turn birdsong into data and use the best of breed IT technologies to dramatically improve our trapping ability.

RT Good golly! A few minutes ago a Boston judge acquitted 13 pipeline protesters on the grounds that the climate crisis made it necessary for them to commit civil disobedience. This may be a first in America. Details to follow, and go to for some live video

This is production. This is staging. This is testing.

This is prod-test-1, it's used as staging except when prod is down. Cron-internal runs external jobs for tests. Don't touch ops-2 or everything will break.

New Participate & Technology sections are live on the website.The site now better reflects what the project is about these days. Lots of responsive design tweaks too.

RT Woohoo new hardware. This our new. upgraded raspberry pi hat. Go Cam from

As you settle into Mastodon, be sure to learn the lingo:
- "toot": a tweet
- "tusking": starting a pointless fight with another user
- "woolly": going viral, as in "wow, that toot really went woolly"
- "extinction event": when a whole instance goes down

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