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Menno Finlay-Smits

RT RT if you too have a box like this in your house

RT Most accurate pie chart ever.

RT Thermal Camera Reliability Revisited. A critical component of our devices is the FLIR Lepton 3 . It's our eyes in the dark as we look for . Check out our progress in's latest blog post -

I have so many questions about this frame from the Hunted. What's with the multiple stick notes featuring the word "cyber"? Why are various windows so inefficiently sized & positioned? Do people really use such insanely large indent sizes?

RT Woohoo new hardware. This our new. upgraded raspberry pi hat. Go Cam from

RT Menno Finlay-Smits โ€“ Blending of Tech and Environment chats with and discusses that will turn birdsong into data and use the best of breed IT technologies to dramatically improve our trapping ability.

RT Woohoo new hardware. This our new. upgraded raspberry pi hat. Go Cam from

RT finally, a monitor that will fit the entire name of my Java classes

RT The steaks have never been higher. Join the movement for less industrial meat and a healthier planet.

RT This is the most hilarious thing I've read this week.

RT Dear eBay sellers. This is not the correct way to ship a hard drive.

RT An accurate picture of me dicking around with CUDA bindings

RT People often overlook one of the most thought-out, thorough, and effective features of the Aeron chair. It took a lot of money and engineers to figure this out people! Give them credit.