I received new Ferrous keycaps from Pimp My Keyboard for my Vortex Race 3 today. They look awesome, better than the store pictures. Very pleased.

New ! Vortex Race 3 with MX clear switches. This one is nice and portable.

Beautiful and strange wavy clouds over Christchurch this evening

I was honoured to accept a NZ Hi-Tech Award on behalf of the Cacophony Project last night. It's wonderful for the team and our amazing open source contributors to be recognised for all their hard work and innovation.

RT @crazyKiwiClare@twitter.com: Late night presentation writing leads to creative but crazy ideas...See you at iTx tomorrow 3:20am to find out what we are really working on right now.

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RT @sakeriver@twitter.com: Today as I was walking home after my run I saw a large lemon rolling down the hill. It kept rolling for about a quarter mile. And now you can see it, too.

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RT @sturdyAlex@twitter.com: It’s a bold look from May this morning. Scalping your enemies and wearing the trophies is a barbaric practice, but in the case of Boris Johnson, I approve.

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RT @crazyKiwiClare@twitter.com: A big shout out to our wonderful bespoke battery builder extraordinaire Chris Forne. Thanks for these little Li-ion beauties that mean we are now going battery powered at Cacophony.

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RT @WoolfSimon@twitter.com: Only in Wellington. A Southern Right Whale having fun in our harbour, in front of the Beehive.

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RT @EricHolthaus@twitter.com: Your periodic reminder: Our planet's atmosphere has already shifted outside the stable era since humanity evolved ~3 million years ago.

Without a radical and immediate shift in the global economy, the atmosphere will move into a state not seen since the age of the dinosaurs.

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RT @bradfitz@twitter.com: Picture 1: the cute box the house builders left for Ethernet and coax gear.

Picture 2: it didn't fit in the little box.

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RT @birdsongnz@twitter.com: Thermal Camera Reliability Revisited. A critical component of our devices is the FLIR Lepton 3 . It's our eyes in the dark as we look for . Check out our progress in @mjs0@twitter.com's latest blog post - buff.ly/2K2brCQ
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I have so many questions about this frame from the Hunted. What's with the multiple stick notes featuring the word "cyber"? Why are various windows so inefficiently sized & positioned? Do people really use such insanely large indent sizes?

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