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Menno Finlay-Smits @menn0

RT There’s less economic reason to tip a waiter than there is to support open source. So why do people do one, but not the other?

@menn0 just read a twitter thread about how poorly many crucial libraries are funded/maintained... wondering why gov'ts don't fund strategic FOSS software projects on which many things depend (e.g. encryption, OSs, etc.) like they fund key roading projects - they're both infrastructure crucial for improved commerce and social good.

@lightweight Seems sensible to me although the benefits probably seem less tangible to a govt. It would require a certain degree of enlightenment.

@menn0 yep - have to work out how to provide that enlightenment... and/or get people who're already suitably enlightened into gov't... Question is: can they remain suitably enlightened once they're in gov't. This is why I advocate advisory groups, so people can offer valuable specialised help, but continue to stay "current" in their chosen art.