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This is a pretty solid take, I think: The opposition have, in recent years, been almost entirely pointless.

Who'll pay for homes threatened by rising sea levels in NZ? Not insurers: 'They’ve made their position clear — they won’t be paying for it.' It gets worse, the new, dire predictions of increased rates of sea level "... don’t account for the latest predictions of polar ice sheet tipping points: major sea-level rise is on its way." Flood-threatened properties have already lost much/most of their value, most people just haven't realised it yet.

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I am reading the #Bluesky #ADX architecture outline. First impression is that it seems quite complicated. The topology looks a lot like the fediverse but everything is a Merkle tree and identity is tied to something that looks a lot like a blockchain.

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At work I'm using Teams and Outlook on the web because the Windows apps keep crashing and refusing to work until after a Windows reboot. MS is failing epicly at their core business of writing Windows applications. What's the point of using Windows if using a browser (maybe on Linux desktop or Chrome book) gives a better result?

A good write up about Fosstodon's scaling woes and their eventual success in meeting the new demand! Well done.

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@lightweight yeah, most people probably have no idea you can block things so granularly!

So much wasted bandwidth on the modern web, for little to no reason...

Well, this exposes of how electricity works is very interesting, and despite physics degree, fills in some gaps in my knowledge (assuming I've understood it properly). or

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Just saw a CC No Derivatives licensed artwork fly through my timeline. I have opinions on -ND:

Short version:
ND doesn't stop bad things (say, appropriation) from being done, while stopping good things (say, translation) from being done.

On a broader level it makes promoting and building libre-culture together harder.

ShareAlike is as effective at stopping some bad things (say, corporations using stuff in ads) from happening, while explicitly allowing the good.

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Just managed to book our whānau in for our first southern Great Walk, a year from now. But only just.

The general usability of NZ gov't websites (particularly those built on proprietary Microsoft technologies, like DOC's) does not inspire confidence.

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In a different family, community, or region of the world, I am sure she would've attributed the experience's causality differently. Or she would've deemed all the conventional options unacceptable/implausible and chosen "none of the above", like I did.

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I tell her the idea (largely unchallenged there) of 'blind faith as a virtue' is at the root of the problem with US politics. She tells me that I can't deny her her 'experiences' that brought her to her faith. I would never contest her experiences... I would, however, strongly contest her *attribution* (whom she credits with *causing* those experiences).

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Sigh. Religion, and its insidious influence on politics in the US is *the reason* that the country is moving towards an oppressive theocracy.

My dear old friend is, on Facebook (blech) calling on all her (good) Christian friends to stand up to the (bad) self-identified Christian-dominated SCOTUS.

Why can't they see that you can't combat the scourge of religion tainting policy by 'religioning harder'. Doing that simply adds credibility to the religiously motivated in SCOTUS.

Sorry, another short outage - needed to restart the Elastic Search container...

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We have informed Apple of our preliminary view that it abused its dominant position in markets for mobile wallets on iOS devices.

Our preliminarily findings show that Apple may have restricted competition, to the benefit of its solution Apple Pay.


Ok, is back. And now on version 3.5.1... Sorry about that longer than expected outage. Turns out the database backups and vacuum took a LOT longer than expected. But it had to be done - moved from PostgreSQL 9.6 to 14, which means we shouldn't have to do that again for a while...

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