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Sadly, of course, they drive inconsiderately (& based on my experience cycle commuting, they engage in habitual digital wanking under any & all road conditions) with impunity - they're never held to account because our police are underfunded in this area. I've even seen police officers looking down at their phones while driving police cars... As a cyclist & father, the world seems quite comfortable putting my & my children's safety at risk through their totally avoidable inattention.

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Spent my walk home from dropping my boy off at school fuming over the callous lack of consideration of drivers - I walked past a big queue of drivers waiting to go through a roundabout like they do every morning. Many of them were digitally wanking - looking down at their phones while they moved in fits & starts, oblivious to what was around them (including lots of school kids crossing & on bikes, as this was a couple blocks from 2 schools), all breaking the law. They should be fined heavily.

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"Nextcloud could easily become a drop-in replacement for the likes of either Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. I’ve been using Nextcloud since its early days and I am confident that just about anyone can benefit from this platform!" @jlwallen

Although it's also worrying when the person producing the video can't spell 'benefiting' or 'their'.

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And, with that, couchdb on our dev infrastructure is upgraded to the still obsolete 2.3.1 version. One step down, many more steps to go before we've got comfortably ahead of this locus of technical debt. *sigh*

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Godot Engine is a free open source multiplatform game engine, to help developers make 3D and 2D games. You can follow at:

➡️ @godotengine

You can find out more info at

#GodotEngine #GameDev #Dev #Gaming #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #VideoGames #Development #GameDevelopment

Ok, this is very exciting for me - the idea of mega-corporate employees starting a project on principle... and then *leaving* the corporate to foster the community because the community's interests were no long aligned with the corporate's. We need a LOT more of this.

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A study on the New Caledonian Dugong has revealed its population is the least diverse in the world.
It reinforces the need to act quickly to protect the surviving population of the sea cow from extinction.
New Caledonian scientific groups & James Cook University compared DNA between the Dugong in Australia & the world to the New Caledonian population, which showed the genetic make up of both populations were very different & individuals did not travel between territories

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listen i have to work at the baby grinder factory because nobody else is hiring baby grinders in my area, at least not at the six figure salary they're paying me at the baby grinder factory. so i have to work there, because of my various desires and avarices,

From yesterday's ride, the post deluge view across the plains to the Southern Alps

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@lightweight Yes, their use of NB, zoom, google, blackbaud etc is not aligned with their own policy in this area (replace Gov with Party):

"⋯ should encourage development, maintenance, and ownership of ICT systems by New Zealand companies.
⋯procurement should support locally developed software with consideration to the wider economic benefits to the New Zealand ICT sector.
⋯should encourage the use of Free and Open Source Software

If I was looking for a good commodity Linux virtual hosting provider with facilities in Africa (preferably African owned & run) whom should I investigate? appear in a quick search... can anyone vouch for/recommend them?

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#Bitwarden has a vulnerability regression such that the master password and previously decrypted contents of an open vault can be inspected after locking the vault.

I really wish that NZ's Green party would strike a blow against US corporate corruption & political interference by refusing to use that digital blight, NationBuilder, for all of its political communication activities. Their continued use of it makes them hard to support - it makes them just the same as all the other ethically compromised parties in NZ (i.e. all of them).

Although anyone voting for her has got to be thick as a couple planks. I despair at the US' chances. It always seems to be more dire than we (outside the US) could possibly imagine. And that's saying something.

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