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People who *pay* for proprietary software are paying their future oppressors to make them stronger & gain more and more power over them. It's the height of naïvete to do so. And yet, that's 90%+ of computer users. Which, of course is why I say we're in a digital Dark Age: And, although proprietary software isn't *inherently* unethical, it creates the power imbalance that almost always results unethical behaviour & exploitation of the lest powerful:

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If you use proprietary software at no cost, it's "freeness" is a mirage. You will pay later. By using it, you are handing its developers' funders the stick which will be used to extract payment later.

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Proprietary software's primary purpose is to make those paying its developers lots of money. 1/2

I'm not a big fan of Lunduke, but this is very disappointing (but not unexpected): the Linux Foundation... doesn't have much to do with Linux. Some of what it does is possibly worthwhile, but its annual report is woefully obscure, opaque, and a lot of it seems to actively relegate Linux to the fringe.

For every challenge there's the easy solution and the right solution. They're seldom the same.

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Happy New Year if it's already New Year in your timezone! It's not yet in mine, but since Earth is not flat, then there are multiple timezones, some of where it is New Year already.

Let's hope for a Web3.0-less 2022, and a worse year for Big Tech than 2021 was.

It makes me sad to see that conferences of folks I once considered "my community", like, are only using proprietary centralised social media (from what I can see) and eschew distributed open media. I wonder what video conferencing system they'll use, and what back channels. I'm hopeful they'll use technologies for that, but seems like a long shot. Most "open" communities seem too harried to actually us open tools. Which strikes lots of sour notes.

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@lightweight 20 years ago we could have just cut all fossil fuel industry subsidies (in addition to the small things that were done) and we'd be in a much better place.

But now cutting those subsidies is just one of many things that must be done immediately. A war like footing is now required.

Regarding climate change mitigation policy: businesses and sectors that most strongly oppose aggressive action by governments are those whose activities - though profitable - are unsustainable. The faster they go away the faster those parts of society dependent on them can start to adapt to their absence. And the rest of us can celebrate their demise.

Oh, and yeah, governments should adopt a "war footing' to start seriously addressing, with tangible policy and enforcement, aggressive climate change mitigation. Countries should be competing to leave the best legacy of pro-active change.

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Let business look after itself, as it always does first anyway. By all means, governments should invest in streamlining and making transparent its regulatory activities for business to reduce friction... but it should invest in specific businesses.

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So, the question is: what *should* governments be investing public funds into? To enhance the common good sustainably invest in people & non-exclusive social institutions. Invest in pure science, open education, public libraries, and Free and Open Source Software. On the latter, consider : & 2/2

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Governments spend $billions on inclubators & other investments that throw public funds into private interests with the justification that it builds export earnings and brings money into the economy. Well, sort of. For a small number of people it does this. It does not improve the position of most of society. It does not enhance the common good nor is it sustainable. That's because policy based on "Trickle Down Economics" which... doesn't exist, except like this: 1/2

I love that it uses 'hing' (aka asafoetida) and fennugreek seeds along with lots of my fave: cumin (both seeds toasted and ground).

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Tonight's dinner... My friend Rajani's tomato and courgette (our annual garden glut is just starting!) curry (no onion or garlic, totally spicy as, supernatural taste). Vegan as (well, except for the ghee in the store-bought roti). So lush.

Yes, we need to treat this like the existential emergency it is. Good movie about (satirising) a horrifying subject.

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Companies that produce proprietary tools using open source software as a labor-based value extraction is not my favorite thing.

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