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@lightweight @downey i teach feminist self-defense in front of digital violence. many times they want to use GAFAM or zoom video-conferences and I explain why not. I have an article on catalan that you can translate if you want to English with FLOSS
the article helps to me a lot: our digital data care: because Zoom NO
the article is a little old but still working.
sorry for my bad English :)

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@downey @lightweight Talking about which, @Seirdy wrote this article in part to save time reexplaining why he doesn't use something "everyone" uses:

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take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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I just got sent a request to meet with a national organisation for whom I'm a local volunteer leader. The meeting is in Google Hangouts. Normally I just decline them, but today I responded explaining that, on principle, I don't use Hangouts (nor Zoom, Teams, Webex, Skype) nor any other (foreign) proprietary corporate owned vid conf tool. I did, however, offer the org to use my BigBlueButton instance, hosted here in NZ, that respects user privacy. They can use it gratis. Will see what they say.

Seems to me, the price to a community of watering down their principles and mission is that they lose their identity and become increasingly bland and uncompelling. It becomes increasingly difficult to understand what, if anything, they stand for, or what differentiates them from every other community.

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Seems pretty damning to me that the implied limiting factor on inclusivity is adherence to principle... I suspect that perhaps the opposite is true.

If the watered down organisations get a boost in membership, I wonder how engaged those members are, if the community is more dynamic, and if those new members stick around? I suspect it'd be harder to get their mandate for anything decisive.

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I don't have any enthusiasm (or even respect) for principle-led advocacy or membership organisations who end up being more interested in maximising their membership numbers than fulfilling their stated missions. They often water down the principle aspects of their missions because they think doing so will somehow be more 'inclusive'. Seeing this more and more.

Personality differences never cease to amaze me. If somebody bursts into a theatre and yells "Everyone - there's a fire in the building, you all need to get out right away!"

I'm the sort of person who'd hear the urgency in that person's voice and gets up and out.

But there're always people who'd say "How offensive - I don't like the tone of your voice. I'm not going anywhere." as the flames start licking around their seats.


Nice to see this in Germany!
and the comments appear quite supportive! Could the anti-US-tech colonisation message be getting through?

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Thankfully, I had enough ingredients for a second batch of shakshouka, breaking the eggs into a bowl before adding them.

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Well rats. I just broke what turned out to be a rotten egg into my beautiful breakfast shakshouka. How's your day shaping up? :)

And, yes, of course it tramples all over Māori interest and the government's treaty obligations, but it was a career maker for Tim Groser and now for David Parker, both of whom have betrayed the people of NZ regardless of their heritage. I just hope that government's obligations under Te Tiriti are strong enough that they can *extract* NZ from the agreement. It is septic at all levels (but the gov't, and even MFAT, don't understand that).

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That last outburst was triggered by this: I'm appalled that NZ signed up for the TPPA in any form. What a completely wrong-thinking piece of shit.

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The things our politicians (and, dutifully, our media) refer to as "Free Trade Agreements" (FTAs) have nothing to do with 'freeing' trade. They consist of hundreds or thousands of pages of *new* trade restrictions. They the antithesis of "FTAs". And, as ever, they exist not to benefit the government's constituents, they exist to benefit corporate interests, based entirely on an implicit (but entirely wrong) belief in "trickle down economics". Which, for those who missed the memo, is not a thing.

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To do something better requires giving up the antipatterns of #BigTech. The antipatterns shut out public access so that they're opaque from the outside, "value capture", and also create addiction patterns which keep people in the silo, even if they're simultaneously being abused and scammed at the same time.

This means that a better version of the internet won't have as much gravity. It won't induce so much outrage. But that's ok.

I dearly wish our NZ government would receive the same memo, because they continue to be oblivious, handing ever more control over to these nation-sized autocratic entities.

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It's great to see a few gov'ts (e.g. the EU) starting to realise how much they've undermined their own sovereignty and stunted their local industries by adopting Microsoft (and, to a lesser extent, Google/Amazon/Apple/Facebook) software and services. They've only just started to realise that they've outsourced their most business-critical systems to a potentially hostile party, and in doing so, they've condemned their institutions, and the people dependent on them, to exploitation.

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@lightweight @downey

The first step is to consider computer software and business standardisation to be INFRASTRUCTURE.

Using Microsoft Office is, to me, the same as giving a company a private toll road right through the middle of your local city and business districts.

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