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@lightweight I don't mind being hated, and in fact I expect it. Historically, the hacker has always been a marginal and socially ambiguous character, frequently misunderstood, misrepresented and sometimes feared.

I'm totally ok with being hated by corporate stooges, chuds, small-time dictators ("you must do it MY way!") and people who only want software to benefit their narrow ingroup and nobody else's.

It's nice if people are grateful while you're wading through the sludge of modern programming, but it's not strictly necessary. This is a gift economy, and not all gifts will be welcome. Like the badly out of fashion clothing that a distant relation keeps getting you for Christmas. I am not a "rational actor" and nor am I a utility maximizer, so anything which I produce is the result of my own fallible beliefs about what the current salient issues are.

I'm also well aware that FOSS has all manner of glaring problems. But it's not a perfect world. Sometimes there may be progress on the battlefield, and sometimes tactical retreats. The struggle is a constant and adversaries omnipresent, but we can only hope that overall we are going in a direction which serves people rather than profits.

Wow, it's a really unpleasantly rainy morning in Christchurch. Not a frequent occurence here, so I guess we're fortunate :)

And the digital Dark Age analogy is, I think, a compelling one. I've fleshed it out here:

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And 'ungrateful' is perhaps the wrong word - it's self-defeating and incredibly petty. It's lashing out at those who are most committed to divesting themselves of power they feel uncomfortable wielding. They are actively trying to use their privilege to raise up those who haven't benefited from similar privilege, rather than just feathering their own nests (which is what proprietary and even, to a point, permissively open source advocates, do).

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The Dark Ages were a time when the Catholic establishment actively oppressed and exploited the illiterate masses. It was replaced with "the Enlightenment" when ambitious, (& contentious - pilloried by the Church all along) communities & individuals boldly decided that they could create a social structure with the purpose of democratising literacy - the expectation that nearly all in society learned to read.

We're in a digital Dark Age now. is the vanguard of the new enlightenment. .

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I'm seeing people hating on the community, implying that it's exclusionary & lacking diversity. That it's only serves developers. I think that's quite ungrateful. explicitly removes the artificial barriers between developers & users structurally present in any other form of software dev. devs can't put knowledge & expertise in the heads of users. But, by using the GPL, they can create possibility for all. Permissionless participation. Inspiring people to want to learn. 1/2

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#QGIS 3.20 now integrates the Nominatim geocoding service natively. But also brings a bunch of CRS and metadata improvements.

#OpenStreetMap #OSM #mapping

The Frightful Five (Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple) are the digital analogue to convolvulus - a pernicious weed that pokes through every available hole in your organisation's borders, and insinuates itself into ever spare patch of soil in your digital garden, inserting itself between you and the light whereever possible..

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Tired: Akamai brings down half of the Internet with their outage.

Wired: Federated applications (like @Mastodon) and distributed ones (like @matrix) chug along without a flinch.

Well, 'successfully' - in my opinion, it's a lot of self-serving BS.

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Trying to find scholarly papers on the fragility of software monocultures... there were a few early papers that pointed out the huge vulnerability of massive institutional networks (e.g. the UK's NHS, brought to its knees by Wannacry!), and then there's a huge glut of papers saying that "monoculture's aren't necessarily the problem"... with authors from/ funded by the Microsoft Corporation... they've successfully clouded the waters to neutralise this attack vector on their global dominance.

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Deaddrops near roses, whispers with Britons
Five Eyes exchanges and CIA missions
Brown paper packages of OTP'd strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Black Cubing smartphones from Apple and Google
Doorbells with cameras and shotgun mic'd poodles
Stingrays that fly through the sky on drone wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Girls in white dresses with zero-day stashes
Handshakes MITM'd by elite anti-fashes
Foiled white nationalist conspiracy rings
These are a few of my favorite things

When MOSSAD bites
When cagey bees sting
When I'm feeling MAD
I simply remember my favorite things
And them I don't feel so bad

@hhardy01 @natecull

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