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Very good: just heard a proposed better name for people engaging in ransomware attacks: 'technical-debt collectors'. Oh snap! (h/t @menn0 and at about 9min). To me, it seems fair to call them collectors of a special tax on organisations unable to control their own tech.

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Our Email Self-Defense guide, which teaches you how to encrypt your email with GnuPG, is back and better than ever! Check out the updated version, get your GnuPG set up, and share with absolutely everyone you know with #UserFreedom:

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Just published Google lawsuit evidence indicates that like always retained users' location data, even if disabled in user interface, to the extent that its own employees flashed LineageOS on their phones to avoid tracking. Full thread on

#privacy #google

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Great news! US is headed towards stopping tech corporations from forcing their customers to do repairs in "authorized" repair shops (where they are charged exorbitant prices, served poorly or forced to buy new), and make it possible for people to repair their own stuff.
This is great news, and Louis Rossmann has been fighting for this for 7 years.
#RightToRepair #LouisRossmann #Freedom #AntiMonopoly #Apple

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Just came across @tindall in a news article! A class action against Microsoft's attempted capitalist enclosure of all FOSS with their AI programming tool trained on our copyleft code is a a great idea

This might temper my enthusiasm a bit... - it's difficult to know what to believe when the US media outlets motivations are mostly compromised by their ownership (Bloomberg in this case).... thanks to @IngaLovinde for the pointer.

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Interesting - listening to this guy from Seattle who cut his own CEO salary to ensure his staff was well paid: Kim Hill asks him if he could've achieved the same if his company was public/listed. He suggests he couldn't. The system's broken & public trust of public corporations is misplaced.

The biggest issue of outsourcing tech knowledge/competence is that you need to accept lots of high-trust relationships with organisations that are very much not worthy of trust...

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Just caught up with a friend who moved away 15 yrs ago, and has become a Microsoft-focused developer... he generally avoids : "it's too hard to use". I told him , at worst, requires some learning. He'd rather pay for it to be handed to him on a platter... One of the most insidious aspects of capitalism: the idea we can outsource knowledge. Sadly, the real price of doing so is losing any hope of self-sufficiency. Makes people ripe for exploitation, like the recent spate of ransomware.

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"Last week Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology sold their #edX platform to a for-profit company for $800 million.
Before the sale, edX was academe’s public option — a mission-aligned satellite of the brick-and-mortar campus. Now all the major players in the sector are profiteers, legally obligated to maximize shareholder return."

– Jefferson Pooley, for
(reader view in Firefox shows the full text)

Right, so had some fun with Svelte over the weekend - it's very interesting... and I'm planning to pair it with FastAPI and Postgres for persistence via API... (I've previously posted about EzAPI, but I was mis-remembering the name FastAPI)...

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Do you use LibreOffice?

Please help share.

Please tell your purposes with #LibreOffice in the comments.

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With apologies to Maya Angelou, when a corporation’s business model shows you who they are, believe it.

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"In conservation biology terms, [open source] maintainers can be thought of as a keystone species. A keystone species is small in population size but it has an outsized impact on its ecosystem."

- , 2020, 'The Making and Maintenance of our Open Source Infrastructure'

Oops - that last one I posted is a good talk, but it's not the one I meant to post. I'd meant to post this one, with a gratifying angle towards the end.

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