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Over the 15+ years I've been using GNU/Linux, there are many programs that have become second nature to me. As a hacker, I enjoy tinkering with my system---why use a desktop environment when I could do the same thing with 100s of programs and hand-written scripts...!?

Each day I feel up to it, I'll give thanks to a free/libre program that has made a positive impact on my life, from every corner of my operating system, with the hope that others will find them interesting too.


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An Olive-backed Sunbird (Cinnyris jugularis) spotted building a nest in the Lorong Halus area in Singapore on 29 Dec 2020.

On iNaturalist [ ], but with location obscured to protect the bird's privacy.

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Birds #Aves

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"Market power monopoly" + "author monopoly" = "scientific publishing"

The publisher Elsevier makes 30 to 50% profits year after year.

The market power of the scientific publishers stems from the influence on scientific careers. So I am building a system to independently determine what are good scientific articles. It will not give me the monopoly profits, but better science. @GrassrootsReview

Are there ways communities could break other monopolies? "We have people." #rC3Two

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RISC-V und AV1 zeigen, dass die Hardware-Industrie endlich ohne Patentrestriktionen auskommt. Verstanden haben das aber noch nicht alle. Eine Analyse von Sebastian Grüner (Open Source, H.264)
Open Source: (K)ein Ende der Patente

Ya know, I mostly abandoned Twitter (where I was active, possibly unhealthfully so) a few months back, and also disabled my "cross poster" (which only posted my Mastodon post to Twitter, not the other way around, because @Gargron said he preferred to avoid polluting the Fediverse with Twitter depravity, and I thought that was a fair point). I haven't regretted the transition.

Since I went through the very difficult process of upgrading my OnePlus 6T from Lineage 16.x to 17.x it's be smooth sailing - loving the two touch upgrades to new releases. Very smooth thus far. Recommended.

The outlook over the Canterbury plains today is decidedly murky.

@kev I've actually just updated my how-to to reference your very useful "why is a password manager a good thing" and "lastpass vs bitwarden" posts! Thanks for those!

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@kev recently spotted your blog, and have been looking through your posts... Was pleased to see your review of BitWarden - I've been using it for a few years... and I self-host a bunch of instances. It's even better than the paid FOSS service. If you're interested, see

Right now I'm almost feeling bad for Microsoft and their billions of hapless/helpless long-suffering customers.

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Well, it was a good run.

If Microsoft is actually supply chained... shit is about to seriously hit the fan.

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Great news today!

A brand-new /e/-smartphone is available: we have worked with Gigaset in Germany to bring the /e/-GS290 to the market!

Ready to protect your data and deGoogle your life with a smartphone #madeinEU?

Orders are open at:

#privacy #opensource

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"I used to be all in on Apple...My eyes opened to Linux and i3 in particular, which looked like Magnet taken to the extreme. What had taken me hours to install and configure on macOS (GPU-acceleration for PyTorch, for example) just worked with one package install on Linux. All my expensive apps were replaced with simple and free, much more configurable alternatives. "

Yes, someone switched from Mac because software on #Linux "just worked", whereas it didn't on #macOS.

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You know what I think would be a really cool social movement?

Once that's done, we pick another eligible baron of industry.

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