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This morning's ride is filled with thoughts of a boy I didn't know very well called Gus, and his beloved dog Fonzi. Gus cleared more hurdles than most of us will ever encounter. Thinking of Fonz, his adoring family, and friends, because Gus died in his sleep last night. Go well, dear brave lad.

Huh. Just had quite a good experience with DigitalOcean support. Far more responsive than MS Azure support (we've stopped using Azure), and keen to help us sort the problem (system error updating payment methods), now resolved (system issue on their end).

So, people who use MSFT Azure cloud services, is it all back up and running, tickity boo?

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There is that unattributable ditty:
“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

Attributed to Lao Tzu, at least. Or Benjamin Franklin.


Any plaintive, lingering claims to the legitimacy of US exceptionalism just got completely blown out of the water.

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I can't. I'm out. Life is too short to watch this debate.

And yeah, shut it off after the first segment, because nothing good can come of it.

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Debate relfection: the US era is well and truly over. The USA is now a failed, rogue state, run by the idocracy.

The US POTUS debate suggests that the world's most dangerous country is run by a imbicilic toddler. Beyond belief.

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@lightweight Mostly of the educational system of my country, México, works with M$ technology. Now the headaches using the 365 + Teams platforms.

Enjoying some well earned Schadenfreude right now 😂

“Has anyone started having discussions with their CIO/CEO about moving back to an in-house mail server? I advocate for it” Heh heh. Yup.

By the way, if you're using MS Office 365 and are unable to access your data right now... maybe consider the fact that your organisation has made a profound tactical blunder in putting all your eggs in a dubious US-based multinational corporation's basket... and get out of that contract right away.

*Sigh* - website for the county (the same one in which Microsoft is HQ'd) in the US from which I need to get my absentee ballot for the POTUS election has been down for over a week. No response to my emails. Just rang & they said "oh, yeah, we're working on fixing the site. Here's an alternate link you can use" & the woman gave me a random link that looked like an internal MS Sharepoint (blech) instance. Sure enough, link isn't visible to me in NZ. Rang again, but they're now closed. Typical.

Our lizardarium now appears to have 3 denizens, one released just last week (all local native NZ skinks, probably these - - I posted a wee video of the latest arrival (the pics were all out of focus, doh!) on Friday -

This was the Sunday storm front, approaching from the West, oddly (normally, it'd be flooding over the Port Hills on the left)...

So the Alps got a pretty good late dump of snow over night Sunday...

And, for an anachronistic juxtaposition, I can also reveal that I did my darning while I was participating in a video conference. Personally, I think it's a prime opportunity to engage in such activities.

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