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A great alternative to Doodle Polls is NextCloud's "Polls" - - and yes, your polls are timezone aware.Works great, no ads, no surveillance.

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Gotta love how my company is so Microsoft dependent that today it takes like 30 seconds to click on anything in our "on-prem" user management thing, because Office 365's API is a bit slow today
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I started using Blender 2.83 to edit video and WOW the video editor took a giant leap forward
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@lightweight Not yet. I wish a standard emerges for incoming webhooks for these family of messaging apps which would make it easier for me.

It does act as an ActivityPub source so reviews/items can be consumed in any app - without ever signing up on

Stunning "Nor'west Arch" on display this morning, heralding late spring temperatures and a dry wind... But it always ends in a wintry blast from the south, in this case predicted for overnight.

& how it forced him to overtake unsafely... I pointed out they were probably 2 abreast (allowed in road rules) but it could appear to be 3 from behind, if there were rows of them. Even so, a driver can only pass when it's safe to do so. But he kept returning to "But 3 abreast!". I said "yeah, if they do, they should be ticketed." But remember, it's not up to motorists to make the call - their vehicle is 10x the mass, so their moral responsibility is much greater. Nope: "But 3 abreast!" Sigh. 2/2

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Had a discussion with a guy who walked past while I was stopped on the side of the road during my morning hill ride... he was an "ex-cyclist" due to a collision with a car (driver's fault) a few years back. We talked about bad driver behaviour, eg passing too close, cutting corners, no indicating, looking at cellphones rather than the road, & he shrugged, "yeah, I do some of that myself"... Then he told me about how angry he got when cyclists rode "three abreast" when he was driving... 1/2

Spotted (photo by my son) on a recent trip in Christchurch, New Zealand...

Wonder if the rates of purchase desktop PCs has jumped (and laptops fallen commensurately) in this time of substantially reduced mobility...

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@stevefoerster It would really be nice if these studies on open made a clear commitment to open data and open publication of the research outputs. Proprietary survey tools are not ideal 😞 - I'm sure the researcher is committed to open - possibly an oversight in not confirming open scholarship practices?

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I have some great news about Boston Public Schools and free software. You may know that my Co-op has been hosting some Boston Public School courses over the summer using free software.
Assessments of student progress shows that the teachers that stuck with BBB had better assessment scores for their students!! Especially the Math teachers. Scores were SIGNIFICANTLY higher by about 10-15 percentage points and it is believed that is because BBB allowed for student engagement more than Zoom did.

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Free professional development online course: Master the basics of #OER and #creativecommons
in partnership with UNESCO
and ICDE.
Reserve your seat today at:

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@lightweight Even capatilists should hate companies that size, the greatest risk any company faces is that something the size of Apple decides to move in on their business model and *poof* they are bankrupt.

This single-minded authoritarian multinational has 7 times the market value of NZ's GDP... That's too big. The world needs to be rid of these effectively unregulated mega-entities.

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"Capitalism sucks"

"you said from an iPhone"

"that was in large part funded by taxpayer money because of how Apple often gets tax *refunds* and subsidies despite making billions in profits"

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A quick reminder that just after he founded Farcebook as "thefacebook", Mark Zuckerberg said its users were "dumb fucks". Why? Because they trusted him to protect their privacy:

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@lightweight yeah, I think that is cool for sure. I should sync more photos but I usually just put them on here or share them with friends/fam.

I am definitely excited about exploring it more. I've only been self-hosting for a week but I feel like I've learned a ton!

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