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My dad, ever the joker, being asked to fill out a questionnaire on what kind of ‘software & systems’ he was currently using (in 1993).

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@clintlalonde @chendricks Yep the cross poster by @renatolond is open source - so in theory ETC could host their own version. The challenge of course is that Twitter could change their API rules (or code) at any point in the future.

This would be laugh out loud funny if it wasn't so, well, weird and sad. But having had a couple professional dealings with the Whales in the past 20 years... I can't say I'm overly surprised.

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Not cool #Apple. Another closed silo ignoring open standards. And why we need #NetNewsWire and other #RSS readers for news. “Apple News Drops Support for RSS.”

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"I cannot use this clownish, ludicrous behaviour by these ridiculous politicians who are beyond parody. I mean, in 1984 if someone claiming to be from the future had shown me Boris Johnson I’d have told him to fuck off and quit pretending to be from the future."

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Crazy how many plaintive "Sorry to see you go!" emails I've received from Microsoft Azure since I pulled all our content from the instance we used there (charitable grant)... They seem really confused about why we'd leave. We moved to a service provider costing 10-20% (saving 80-90%!) as much & offers far better commodity services & interfaces for our needs. Can't understand why anyone would lock themselves into Azure (or AWS for that matter).

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@lightweight do you know Postmodern Jukebox? This was the first one that came up when I looked them up - they do very good, yet completely different versions of songs:

have a look at this for contrast: I think they are amazing. :)

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The city of #Bern wants to keep Google and Microsoft out of their schools! 🎆

Schools are experimenting with Collabora (Nexcloud), Kolab, Mahara, Mattermost and Moodle. ❤️

Some, of course, complain for the minor incompatibilities, e.g., with MS Word, but they should blame themselves for not having used Open-Standards in the first place!

Full article (in German only):

If you know other cities running similar initiatives please reply.

FuckOff #GAFAM

This is also surprisingly better than I imagined it could be. Love the time changes and epic scat!

Wow, their Hey Jude re-imagining is also quite good.

Just moved into a new neighbourhood... and my boys (8 & 11) have made friends with neighbouring brothers, and they're currently starting a band with the drum kit & bass upstairs. Very cool, imho, but not ideal for concentration for this work-at-home dad...

( In my mind's eye, I already see the press release from the Snake lobby, attempting to distance itself from Trump)

Wondering if the reason so many of us find Trump's words inexpressive, idiotic, and inaccurate... is because he doesn't realise he's speaking in Parseltongue...

As I read the series aloud to my boys (second time through) I'm perpetually struck by how much Trump supporters (especially the evangelical ones) remind me of Death Eaters... And MAGA hats are their dark mark.

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