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Pixelfed will be a year old in a few days.

I'm a high school dropout that has never taken any CS or computer classes.

Web development is just a hobby of mine, I work in the auto industry.

I'm so proud of this project, I never would have imagined that I could make something like this.

Thank you for helping me realize credentialism isn't so important as you think. ❤️ :pixelfed:

How is it that I'm only now, after 25 years in this space, finding out about Project Xanadu?!

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Pixelfed Embed will allow you to easily share your posts on any website.

We're rolling this out to instances tomorrow!


For NZOSS members - new draft constitution is available for review/comment:

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@clintlalonde I respond in my newsletter: "79% of institutions reported inadequate training for faculty as one of the main barriers to online learning... I wonder about the apparent inability or unwillingness of today's professors to teach themselves how to use a computer to teach. Higher education doesn't have a training problem, it has a culture problem."

Just managed to get it running on 4 NextCloud instances now, one OnlyOffice instance for each. Very nice!

Only sad thing is that OnlyOffice have gone the open "Community" vs. proprietary "Enterprise" edition route, like Gitlab. Not excited by that. Although it's better than CollaboraOffice (which is pretty good)...

Ok, so I just recently found out that OnlyOffice has a nice "community" (AGPLv3) version, and it can easily be integrated with NextCloud. So I've just set up a my own self-hosted instances of both. Wow. GoogleDocs ain't got nothing on this.

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I wish the billions (trillions?) that were being spent on self driving cars was being spent on public transit.

I find it somewhat distressing that so many people are wringing their hands about the possible untrustworthiness of the Frightful 5 mega-tech-corps. No duh. They're fundamentally untrustworthy. It's a waste of time to even consider them capable of remediation. We need to cut them out. Yes. Abandon them. And luckily, because of a bunch of plucky developers, it's both possible and (in my experience) quite delightful. Full story:

I'm highly motivated to collect strong arguments for things that matter.

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We released #PeerTube v2 yesterday!
Improvements on federation, instances presentation and a brand new !
We're talking about live-streaming for the v3... more info here

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There's an old maxim: If you want to know what the government would like to do with you, first take a look at what they want to do to immigrants.

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Hey new mastodon users. A lot of us won't follow you back unless you have posted before and have an avatar. Otherwise you look like a bot.

So, if you're getting started try dropping an #introduction post in there first before you start clicking that "follow" button a bunch.

Just building a BBB ( instance on the NZOSS' Catalyst Cloud infrastructure for fun. :) Might be the start of something fairly big...

To clarify - I mean "open source" people who agree to work for a Microsoft pay check.

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