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Just realized we have a term to describe behaviors like calling nonfree software "open source" (like redislabs and it's imitators), or borrowing from creative commons to name a nonfree license "the commons clause", or designing self-serving software which is open source but lacking freedom in important ways (like signal)

Let's start calling this stuff "nonfree gaslighting"

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Similar: corporate gaslighting

Microsoft pretending Windows incorporating ads and spyware is good for the customer, Shell trying to convince us they're into green tech now, Oracle doing literally anything

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@lightweight proprietary software does not merit my attention

Now moving on to our Mastodon... another Sydney -> San Francisco move underway...

Ok, moved our NextCloud + Collabora installation to a new hemisphere... downtime, about 10-15 min... so fairly painless.

Very cool! At my boy's football (soccer) awards dinner last Fri, one of the parents started talking about Ultimate (frisbee), but wasn't quite sure what it was... so (having played it for about 20 years) I gave a brief description... if you want a somewhat more visceral idea see this: from the past weekend's NZ national tertiary (university) competition...

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@lightweight I know right? Discord and Facebook can change at any time, and businesses might have to leave those platforms if those changes are undesirable. Email is an actual standard, will be around probably forever, and doesn't change nearly as much nor at the behest of one corporation (as much as Google might have you believe otherwise).

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@strypey I was inspired by a blog post by Andre Staltz on Scuttlebutt where he says that he uses the activity of free software development as a replacement for dumb entertainment, like watching TV for example.

I've been trying to do the same with moderately good results so far.

IMO, a developer needs three things to work effectively - time, money and attention.


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Die Batterieforscher bei #Tesla haben neue #Batterien entwickelt, die 5x länger halten, höhere Kapazität haben, schneller laden und fast kein #Kobalt mehr benötigen. Oh, und die Forschungsergebnisse und Zusammensetzung der Zellchemie sind #creativecommons lizenziert (CC BY 4.0)

If you or anyone you know works with WordPress commercially, I encourage you to read this and pass it on... Richard Best discusses something that's long troubled me... businesses who do stuff with WordPress and who just don't get the GPL. Many could (and probably should, to send a clear message) be shut down for routinely transgressing the license under which WordPress is distributed.

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> A superb compendium of MSFT's early atrocities (both social and technical)
Sure is.
I was aware of some of their dirty tactics. But after reading the article I was shocked at the extent MS went to to control the market.

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Why I hate Microsoft by Wensveen, F.W. van is an excellent read that was recommended by @lightweight (I think) 🤔

I highly recommend people read it to learn how evil #Microsoft really is. IMO they haven't changed one bit.

I have uploaded an epub and pdf to my server to make it easier to read rather that reading the article on the Wayback machine :internetarchive:



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#10yrsago Child-safety software sells your kids' IM conversations to market-research companies

And as I've said before, my home country of NZ has nothing to be proud of in this area: - they've consistently and almost exclusively made horrible IT procurement decisions for the last 20ish years.

I actually really hope that a few countries are afflicted by so they start to realise how idiotic they've been paying monopoly rents to a monoculture run by an inept mega tech multinat'l who now controls their *entire economy & bureaucracy*. This worm has the potential to bring the world to a halt. On the plus side, it'd almost certainly reduce our carbon emissions dramatically overnight. Total market failure can do that.

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Discord has a cool UI and emoji, but I have no idea why so many open-source communities are gravitating towards it. Color me Discord-skeptical.

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When you were using Windows, I studied the GNU. When you were implementing DRM, I mastered Emacs. While you wasted your days at the gym in pursuit of vanity, I bought a Thinkpad. And now that the world is on fire and corporations are limiting your freedom you have the audacity to come to me for help.
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Periodic reminder to move your free software projects out of Microsoft GitHub.

Here's my collection of public free software hosting sites.

Self-hosting a Gitea instance is also a good option if you have a server.

#MicrosoftGitHub #GitHub #FreeSoftware #Gitea

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Your donation helps ensure a billion people around the world have access to a more privacy-respecting Web. Donate and for a limited time, get a thank you gift from us!

Right - now (only 6 months into it) finally working on a house building blog, using (at long last) Grav... I may be some time.

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