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Just posting this again for anyone who might've missed it the first time: Giridharadas knows what's up. The rest of us need to see this.

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Seen on the birdsite (but I can't find the original tweet). "Copyleft is free as in freedom. Permissive license is free as in labor."

Copyleft software licenses like the GNU GPL are for those of us who want to make it easy for anyone to use/improve/repurpose our work for the greater good, while making it difficult for businesses to use it to build proprietary software that exploits, divides & otherwise disrespects its users. Weak open source licenses like BSD/Apache/ MIT/etc are open, but they effectively subsidise corporate biz models using to build exploitative proprietary apps. Less cool by far.

The bottom line with the changes our societies needs to make to mitigate the existential threats to our species will involve some particularly harmful (currently very powerful) business sectors going away. This is going to happen whether they help themselves or not. They can help themselves by parleying their influence & wealth into dramatic business model reinvention. They can ensure a painful & well-deserved demise by using that power to thwart efforts to mitigate the harm they've caused.

A sad, cautionary tale for those tempted to grow on the promise of corporate largess (i.e. sponsorship). It can go as fast as it came... and then what?

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Got some soundfonts installed in Ardour, and figured out how to switch the instruments via patches. Now all I need to do is get a handle on recording multiple tracks, and figure out how to deal with drums.

"It's very dangerous when a Goliath thinks it's still a David" (about Google)... Brilliance.

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@lightweight Excellent lesson - this is *exactly* what we did with our boys with TV etc advertising. “Do you think they really care about you? Do you think they *really* now what you need?”

Wow, Americians, watch this. And non-Americans, watch this and ensure that your country does everything possible *not* to emulate the USA. @anandwrites is spot on, as usual.

One of the best lessons I ever learned: if it's marketed to you, you neither need it, nor, if you know what's good for you, want it.

Look beyond the marketing folks. Ask yourself why they're doing it.

I think we should all see this to better understand what's happening to our world right now and why so many people are miserable... This is so right, and we so need to change the current structure.

I'm flabbergasted by the ability of youtubers to convey such little information about what appears to be nothing at all in such hysterically breathless terms. For hours. And people idly watch this stuff. Millions. Of. People. Kids, mostly. What kind of life is this?

Ugh. Hearing my boys watching their "favourite" youtubers on a Friday evening... I'm, as usual, struck by their superlative saturated faux enthusiasm that is the most unbearable reflection of faux American culture. Unbearable. I'm not entirely sure how to reconcile my feelings with the fact that this is mainstream now, and most kids I know are aspiring to a career as entitled have-everything but-value-nothing American youtubers who're famous for being well known and/or totes annoying.

I was completely unaware of Bolsonaro's evangelical ties. What a shit bag. So sad to see that people are willing to accept his message.

Fascinating and terrifying: just when I think that my impression of the Roman Catholic Church couldn't get any lower...

Yup, by signing us up to the , our gov't stupidly handed multinational corporations precisely the ammunition they need to ensure they can continue to abuse our environment for their profit. Why so many ignorant and/or unprincipled policitians?

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it was 1997 i was outside McDonald's on Queen St age 15, an old lady barked "speak English" at a pair of young Korean men and without missing a beat one of them goes "OOooo i want a nice cup of TEA look at ME I'm ENGLISH i want to eat PLAIN TOAST" i miss him every single day


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@lightweight @yaaps @codewiz I focus on corporations as organized-supply-side. And that isn't inherently bad, but it explains inequities. The *power* of the supply side is due to its organizing. The demand side is divided individuals. Power comes from organizing and solidarity. Imagine corporations trying to keep their power if all the individual humans had to work without the organized solidarity of a corporation…

I'm not anti-power, I want the organized power to serve public interest.

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