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Heh heh - for all the Microsoft faithful... this is Plays4Sure [R] all over again, but eBooks... For those who don't remember it (why would you?), Plays4Sure was a Microsoft trademarked brand for audio files *guaranteed* to play on your computer... except that they didn't play on most Microsoft computers or MS' lame iPod competitor, the Zune. (I still belly chuckle every time I see "zune" in print and remember its 'shit brown" default colour option.)

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The facilities at the Chch branch of the Open Education Resource Foundation are a bit flash - we've got choco-covered licorice balls to accompany our coffee. However, today's temperature means they're as succulent as choc-covered pebbles...

After what was apparently our second warmest March on record, I'm today thinking that fingerless gloves would be a good investment.

Man, it's so painful when I see something I've posted somewhere and realise I've made an egregious grammatical mistake, like using "there" where I meant "their"... as just happened.... I have to drop everything and correct it, and pay internal penance for letting such dross out into the wild under my name...

I must admit that it frustrates me when a useful project uses SourceForge for their development... why? Seems to be the worst of all worlds - proprietary and lame for devs, with no network effect.

Yup. Let's tax them. They haven't *earned* it, that much is certain. And if they were ethical, they wouldn't want it anyway, because they don't need it. .

Thanks for this @darius! For folks wanting to understand the emerging decentralised web, here's some excellent background with an NZ-connection!

Good to see these positive notes about open source and volunteer contributions leading to better security... But not great to hear about the grim state of Huawei's networking code and proprietary OS... Guess telcos will have to bite the bullet and upgrade to more secure -based Linux systems. Wonder if the proprietary code of any US-based networking gear companies is any better... Why would it be?

I love how earnest dogs are. They never sit there chuffing "nah, that's not a threatening rustle in the bushes, that's someone messin' with me". No, they investigate everything with diligence - always looking out for their home and people. Gotta love 'em.

I'm convinced that these two are sincerely hopeful that someone will actually prove them wrong. In the meantime, it's almost a showcase and parade of Dunning-Kruger sufferers.

We've seen quite a bit of growth in our Mastodon user base over the past few weeks... Occurs to me that if the NZ Gov't wants to address the depravity of US-based centralised social media... they could offer grants (a few $thousand/year) to help fund a diverse set of communities to set up & maintain federated social media onshore in NZ as a viable alternative. Now that'd be a decisive (and mighty cost-effective) display of leadership.

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@lightweight @donkey

That's kind of my point. There should and hopefully soon will be more instances, but IMO they need to come from a full range of voices and communities.

Existing NZ Masto instances are dominated & run by tech folk & white men 👋. For me, it's important to do what I can to support fedi in Aotearoa while not claiming more space.

Very interesting... My postgrad research supervisor's father-in-law was head of a secret plane unit at Boeing in Seattle... he told me about an experimental asymmetrical fighter plane with fully deformable flying surfaces they were developing in around 1993... but this looks like some seriously cool advances in materials and control theory...

By the way @xurizaemon and @donkey and @strypey, turns out I got my wires crossed re - the one I was thinking about is/was - I'm not sure who set up the former. I contacted the guy who set up the latter, but sounds like he's let it lapse (both the site and domain) because it didn't achieve critical mass.

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@lightweight I guess the other unfortunate thing is that it will take loss of coastal area for many people to finally realize climate change is an issue.

Just checking what happens when I post a long mastodon post with Moa (cross-poster)'s "split long posts" feature turned off... I'm expecting that it'll truncate the post at tweet-length with a link to the original Mastodon instance's public view of the post... and that's what I prefer.... it gets people to leave the familiarity of Twitter... and see that Mastodon is actually pretty damn slick.

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