This morning's ride is filled with thoughts of a boy I didn't know very well called Gus, and his beloved dog Fonzi. Gus cleared more hurdles than most of us will ever encounter. Thinking of Fonz, his adoring family, and friends, because Gus died in his sleep last night. Go well, dear brave lad.

@mpanhans we had a charitable hosting credit with MS Azure... & their system doesn't let you see how much $ you've used (have to request staff to create a "report", takes a few days)... we ended up exceeding the credit & having to pay for 1 month, about $600. We shifted to DO & got a higher server spec we had with Azure for $40/month. We now have a whole bunch of DO instances, and dropped both Azure & AWS, substantially reducing our hosting costs, & it's been a better quality service all around.

Huh. Just had quite a good experience with DigitalOcean support. Far more responsive than MS Azure support (we've stopped using Azure), and keen to help us sort the problem (system error updating payment methods), now resolved (system issue on their end).

So, people who use MSFT Azure cloud services, is it all back up and running, tickity boo?

@deasun great to hear it! All the best for that very sensible and sustainable move... keep the fediverse up to date on your progress!

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There is that unattributable ditty:
“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”

Attributed to Lao Tzu, at least. Or Benjamin Franklin.


@LovesTha Adobe sucks just as bad as Microsoft, so I'm pleased they're not part of the email picture in any meaningful way...

@LovesTha Indeed - messaging build on the Matrix open standard shows promise, as does the ActivityPub standard. Both have a variety of excellent implementations, all open source.

@LovesTha the real problem with email is that it was overloaded with functionality (like HTML emails! What a horrible idea - thanks again Microsoft) that it was structurally ill suited to cope with.

So yes, in short, we need a new technology that recognises those faults and mitigates them. And yes, you're right: there're at least a few compelling heirs to that tech throne.

@LovesTha well, yes, email is a technology for an earlier, quainter time. The lack of in-built encryption is a problem. But its distributed model is crucial. Centralised services are exactly not what we need...

@LovesTha mailservers have their pitfalls, to be sure, but the process is tractable for those willing to invests a few hours in learning about them. I'd say it's no more learning than one would be expected to do in a standard university course...

@LovesTha and, to be honest, we also have MSFT to thank for the fact that email has become such a complex beast (due, largely, to HTML email and historically poor security of MS Windows) and Windows botnets.

@LovesTha sure. I agree, in general, although, to be fair, running a mailserver should be "IT Professional 101" level stuff. We have MSFT to thank for the fact that expectations of IT people are so desperately low... Running a mail server really isn't that hard. Been doing it consistently for the past 20+ years.

Any plaintive, lingering claims to the legitimacy of US exceptionalism just got completely blown out of the water.

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I can't. I'm out. Life is too short to watch this debate.

@sir (and to be clear, I include myself among all US citizens, despite almost wishing I could claim otherwise)

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