@LovesTha indeed. I guess we should never underestimate the strength of the "nest feathering" impulse of many of those who aspire to positions of power...

Cool, have now got my 20 running with both and integrated... and have file versioning working, too.

@LovesTha It's unpopular with the wealthy multi-house-owning set... that's really the only argument against it.

Consider: thekaka.substack.com/p/a-respo I reckon if Ardern was to say "Ok, having looked at it in depth, from many angles, I was wrong to put a blanket moratorium on a CGT. So I've decided to resign to allow the Gov't to implement one"... If she then stood again (i.e. treating it as a national confidence vote), I'd wager she'd win the next election with a landslide.

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The only “ethical AI” for personal data is free and open AI that runs on your own devices where you own and control it. The only “ethical AI” for communal data is free and open AI owned and controlled by us all. AI/data owned and controlled by corporations is unethical to begin with.

I occurs to me that using proprietary software is a bit like paying someone to include you in their protection racket. (and if you're not paying in $, you're paying in loss of privacy and/or data sovereignty... or all 3).

Only just caught the tail end of this on RNZ just now: bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0926v2m but having read Raworth's book, Doughnut Economics, I encourage folks to give it a listen!

@wgahnagl Heh, I honestly don't know for sure. A starting developer salary at my 100% open source dev company was probably about NZ$35k per annum (from memory). That was 2008ish. We only hired excellent devs - this 16yo was amazing, could grok a new platform and be productive in a few hours, with excellent coding hygiene (tidy, commented, tests, git, build notes, etc.). Also great at developing architecture, like writing platforms.

@JohnGritt all I can say is that the causes with which you list affiliation are indefensible and seems to me your manner is perfect for ensuring that you remain lonely in your despicable mission. I wish you the worst of luck, mate.

@JohnGritt heh heh. Thanks for that John. I hold you in similarly high regard, rest assured.

@wgahnagl I'm afraid I don't remember, and it was in NZ $, but I know I paid him the same as I paid everyone else in that sort of role. And he earned it.

@wgahnagl one the best developers I've ever worked with was 16 when I hired him. He's now in his late 20s and is doing great. Bought his first house at age 21. Seems to have worked out pretty well for him... Good luck!

Yup - listening to the New York City-based correspondent on RNZ right now... talking about her historical knowledge of Trump from the 70s/80s. I was growing up within sight of NYC at that time, and I also remember Trump's profile in the local news. He was a sack of shit then, and nothing has changed.

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#opensource #socialmedia #decentralization

Wanna know more about open source and decentralized social networks? "It's FOSS" published an overview today:

📰 9 Decentralized, Open Source Alternative Social Media Platforms


@alrs @normand as long as the US is a viable nation, that's probably true... although I'm uncertain how long that'll continue to be the case.

Discussing the US' current political situation is a bit like watching two people in a heated argument on the railroad tracks as a train bears down on them horn a-honking... and trying to help them come up with good rational positions (without invoking analogies or literary references at least one of those arguing doesn't understand) to help them conclude the argument in time to avoid being mowed down. Climate disaster and social inequity haven't slowed down one bit. They're accelerating.

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What's surprising in your analogy is that you have an immediate neighbor country with a measure of social programs without being "socialist" that you could inspire yourself from. Much of what Bernie was pushing for, we've had for two generations. Our system is far (FAR!) from perfect, but the inequalities aren't as great here.

We did, and still mistreat our indigenous people. And Canadian mining companies shamelessly exploit Africa... ☹️
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