Nice post Paul - - although I'm not sure that it's in FB's nature to *really* change, especially when it's so much cheaper to *appear to change* (yes, spin, like its cousin marketing, works. Mostly because people are busy & ignorant about most things). The only way to fix them is to abolish the US multinational public (listed) corporate structure. But, given their size and influence, it'd take a global gov't to do that... hmmm.

@The10wins @xergiok I have never owned an Apple device, as a matter of principle. I also don't run vendor Android on mobile devices. I run

@The10wins yeah, I don't think any people are up to the responsibility of developing such a thing.

@The10wins yes. Not sure that'd be a step in the right direction. Pretty sure it wouldn't be (I read a LOT of science fiction).

@The10wins I've never even heard of the Wartburg... But again, we've had a long time to evaluate the Capitalist system, and it's broken without serious regulation. Problem is: all gov'ts are corrupted by corporate influence. The US is especially bad.

@The10wins yeah, and a lot of that is why the planet is being ravaged for resources beyond any sustainable limit.

@The10wins my strong suggestion is to stop admiring *any* multinational publicly traded corporation. They're all evil (if not now, then when they get big enough).

@The10wins I think you're mixing up a lot of things in that comment. Has nothing to do with Apple and everything to do with Capitalism :)

@The10wins unfettered capitalism without responsible regulation by gov'ts... and the lack of a strong global gov't to combat global corporations.

@The10wins Ich komme aus der USA, und meine Eltern sind Deutscher. Wir muessen deise Capitalisten Philosophie niche glauben. Es wird uns alle toetten. Und voellige Sozializm oder Communizm sind beide auch keine Loesung fuer the sorgen unsere Erde.

@The10wins don't admire Apple. They are not worthy of it. Not at all.

@The10wins then that's not saying much. Apple is not in any way an admirable corporation. Their model, shared by all multinational public corporations, has *one priority*: maximise shareholder value. Nothing else matters. Profit ueber alles. We need to shut them all down.

@The10wins what? No global corporation is sustainable or admirable. None. It's contrary to their model. They *become* big by exploiting society and the environment. They are (seriously) the single biggest threat to humanity today. Note also that each corporation (like CocaCola, the "Frightful 5" - Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, & Microsoft) are totalitarian regimes that dwarf many countries in power & influence. They need to be deprecated completely.

@The10wins some far more than others, I'd say. And I'm one of the lucky ones...

@The10wins if they're just trying to survive, the planet suffers. Every. Time.

@The10wins I haven't heard of Primark here in NZ... perhaps that's a good thing. And yes, that price focus (caused by the gross inequities in our societies) is why our global response to climate catastrophe is so totally inadequate. People have to have enough surplus to make change.

@The10wins yes, that's part of the naïvete I'm talking about.

@The10wins yup. About most issues, people are hopelessly naïve.

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