@xahteiwi Nice - I use caraway and fennel lots, but haven't tried whole coriander seed... have plenty here, so will give it a try next batch! Thanks for the tip!

@xahteiwi do you bake sourdough, too? (I grew up on rich, partly-rye Bauern Brot as a kid, in the New York area)

@xahteiwi I have a rye starter, which seems to enjoy wheat flour very much when it gets added to it! :) I often use a bit of spelt or rye or amaryth, or even buckwheat flour in my breads just to mix things up :)

Actually, further testing throws uncertainty into this prediction... looks like you can't stop streaming in less if you pipe the docker logs -f command... so you have to just docker logs | less and then you can search. Also you can limit the log data you're looking it by date or # of lines...

Oh, and if you hit SHIFT-F or add a `+F` argument to the less command, it'll behave like `tail -f`except if you hit CTRL-C, it'll allow you to search through what's in the buffer via Less... Very handy.

Quite fortuitously, TIL you can follow docker container log files in Less (allowing searching for strings) via `docker logs -f [containerID] | less` where you get containerID via `docker ps` (it's the first result column). This will revolutionise some of my work.

@schestowitz brings new relevance to the stats panel on the site with the "spouse(s)" section.

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As long as we're rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic (in face of climate catastrophe), one of the most profound insights I've heard in ages is from Anand Giridharadas on why shouldn't accept billionaires' generosity. Totally agree. youtube.com/watch?v=d_zt3kGW1N

Ya know, listening to the "market update" on the radio, there're quite a large number of corporations that I'd love to see gone. The world would be much better off without them. Most of the multinationals, actually.

@lauraritchie @lightweight thanks! Truth be told, I didn't let it rise enough, so was a bit doughy, but think I'm on the right track... Best of luck for your endeavours!

Today: first baby steps in a long journey towards a perfect sourdough focaccia... Too bad we left our burgeoning rosemary bush behind at our old house...

Prescient and terrifying words... from 2013. youtube.com/watch?v=HEfpxiUIZP We *all* need to realise shit is getting real. And we need to DO SOMETHING right now.

It's danced to bluegrass music, it's also called "flatfootin'" and it'll look familiar to anyone who's ever watched any old Warner Bros cartoons (like Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Porky Pig, etc.)

Well, that was an interesting rabbithole... just had a good look at some Appalachian clog dancing (or clogging) :) Great stuff! (just search for clogging on youtube...)

@futuresprog Nice. I've got some very early ones around here, too. Famously one with a "redneck" locale which was well worth installing just for the lols.

@allluke to be fair, I've only used LO on Linux, so maybe it's less well documented for Windows...

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