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@space_cadet @lightweight For me the truly hope-inspiring message of Star Trek is that humans have achieved an egalitarian, affluent and democratic global society *before* we destroyed our planet's ecosystem.

Although we did apparently render humpback whales extinct 😓

@qcat @space_cadet (giving this a star doesn't include the bit about the Humpbacks :( )

@space_cadet @qcat Interesting thoughts (I'd forgot that Vulcan and Romulans were a fork of the same species... )

@Downes @lauraritchie @clintlalonde We're actually making extensive use of BBB in NZ now, and it's better than Zoom in a number of ways (definitely better for educational applications). We host our own here in NZ... but don't forget, it's a Canadian project. There's a lot to be said about being able to host your own (and do a 'permissionless' audit of the code - as several groups are currently doing in NZ), close to your audience.

@Downes @lauraritchie @clintlalonde there's nary a skerrick of Flash in BBB any more. It's been rewritten in the past 3 years.

@clintlalonde @Downes @lauraritchie ultimately, proprietary software should be treated with suspicion, and open source should be preferred (due to its ability to be audited without permission).

@Downes @lauraritchie @clintlalonde all the more reason to go open source :) (BigBlueButton is gaining traction here in NZ)

Our focus should be on prosperity and quality of life, not growth. Most gov'ts are actually presiding over fragile ponzi schemes - I hope that much is now clear to us all.

Will the current crisis finally be the thing that breaks us of our "growth" addiction? We need to be thinking about doughnuts. (see Kate Raworth's Doughnut Economics - kateraworth.com )

@grainloom what's Netsurf? I can look at some other way of rendering tables... but not sure how it would work.

@douginamug Yup, it was (and will continue to be - it was a large batch!) lush.

@sir @Phaserune I think proprietary software is *almost* unethical, in that it creates an inherent and irreparable power imbalance that is almost always exploited by the proprietor of the software, which is why I refuse to use proprietary software given a choice.

@mike simple, vegan, and yummy (even the kids like them!) way to eat your greens and get some good fibre!

Hah, forgot I'd made a video, which I attached to the last post by accident. Here're some pics...

And my wife made her first ever batch of focaccia bread. Success, big time!

Just turned all our leafy green veggies (silverbeet, kale, and capsicum) into Bhaji. Quite a lot of onion and other stuff, too. Yum!

@dethos @sir the main difference, is I don't think a proprietary option can be viable: its terms can be changed (and made evil) unilaterally at any point by its proprietors, and as such, it is unwise/unsafe for any community to use/develop a dependency on.

@jordan31 @sir both are just as bad or worse, due to their proprietary nature and eschewing open standards at ever opportunity.

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