Just set up some cool organisational secrets using our family (Fully Rust implementation) to ensure my family can get to my important stuff if something happens to me. Puts my mind at ease. You can do it too: tech.oeru.org/setting-your-own Next challenge: to get my wife and kids to actually use it... 🤔

Contentious opinion: I think billionaires are inherently immoral. A moral person would be appalled by the idea of benefiting from such obscene inequity and would actively seek to distribute that wealth as widely as possible (and cease to engage in exploitation of others, which is how most billionaires are created). From what I can tell, an example of such a wealthy moral person is J.K. Rowling... businessinsider.com.au/jk-rowl

I'm embarrassed to see our Ministry of Education publishing content they want people to read and follow in DOCX (MSFT's "fauxpen" standard - openstandards.nz/case-study-mi) here education.govt.nz/school/board Can't help wonder whose side the Ministry is on? What are their "guideline publication" guidelines? Seems like they need a serious upgrade.

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I'm also looking forward to taking part in the #oeru19 partner meeting in Dublin, coming up soon!

"Microsoft loves Linux" 

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Hmm, we have a loose network of autonomous regional organizations, some of which are struggling financially. Let's merge them into one, giant, centralized, too-big-too-fail corporation, spaning the whole country. Have we learned nothing from the debacle? rnz.co.nz/news/national/395772

@brian Interesting report - I haven't given the software a try yet... but juts got my POE switch and the cameras, so I might give it a try soon... That looks like a nice camera, too! Sorry to hear about your bad experience... will have to see how I go (I usually use Ubuntu, so that might make it work more smoothly - what are you using Linux-wise?).

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The freedom open-source software gives you may be priceless, but that doesn't mean you can't support developers nor should you take their work for granted.

Support your favorite open-source projects and their developers! Give them a chance to become self-sustainable! Lots of small contributions can make all the difference!

Do it, become part of the greater common good. It's not everyday you get to participate in a revolution! 😄

(No, I won't get tired of repeating this message. It's important)

Anyone in my social sphere being using Ecotricity for power (in NZ)? Anything good/bad to say about them? Do you have solar?

@sirikon interesting. That would never have occurred to me as a reason. In my experience, the use of "www" is a quaint impression among non-tech people that every website needs the "www" to work. We used to see it a lot more in years gone by... We usually had www.domain redirecting to domain for all sites we built...

This renews my faith in humanity (which typically takes a lot of hits in any given week): theguardian.com/world/2019/oct Let's show theistic religion the door. Blind faith is not a virtue.

It's funny to see websites and systems out there that still advertise with a "www" at the start of their domains, or, for old time's sake, still affix an '.htm" or ".aspx" on the end of their URIs... some of the latter are even Linux devices (which, thank goodness, never even had a whiff of the Microsoft abomination that is ASPX).

Happy 15th Ubuntu - you've created great opportunities for many of us... fosslinux.com/23467/happy-15th thanks to @jim first introducing Warty Warthog to us at Egressive, we've been using it (commercially and personally) for pretty much that whole time! Thanks to the community and, especially, Debian, upstream!

Lovely morning over the Canterbury plains... If you stare really hard you might be able to convince yourself you can see the snow covered Southern Alps in the distance... Keep trying.

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