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"It's like you showed up at a campaign rally and instead of using a microphone and speakers, the candidate just wandered up to each person and whispered something into their eye that made them smile. Okay?

"It's creepy and suspicious!"

White Man Behind a Desk on personally targetted advertising.


That was a great monolog about democracy, almost every line was iconic!

If you've ever aspired to run your own radio station... this might be the next phase of your life: github.com/LibreTime/libretime

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I was going to turn my son on to Krita so he could easily and freely work with his new Wacom, but he found it on his own and hasn’t been off it for 2 days straight except when we drag him off to eat.

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@codewiz @hhardy01 you're wasting your efforts defending them. They're still subject to exactly the same soulless objectives/incentives and they have to keep growing despite the slow demise of the monopoly they exploited to achieve their current state. They're just shifting gears - I just explained it a bit more here: quora.com/Has-Microsoft-lost-i Bottom line: they're still predatory and any suggestion they might now be "cuddly" is false.

@codewiz @hhardy01 don't be fooled. That appearance costs a whole lot to achieve (in terms of spin)... They're still the same, but with a patina of deluded staff who think they're making a difference.

And we absolutely have to provide lower-carbon producing options to people who're stuggling to afford petrol, like proper cycle infrastructure & relevant, reliable pubtrans.

@yojimbo @kyhwana that'd be very cool! I'd be happy to host it in a separate container on NZOSS infrastructure (provided by CatalystCloud, onshore here in NZ!)

Surprised I agree with Hooten... nzherald.co.nz/business/news/a We need to break our addiction to petrol/fossil fuels in general...

@yojimbo @kyhwana I think would be a special case... I'd be happy enough to look at doing that... that's a public safety issue...

@yojimbo @kyhwana I already use CrossPoster to post my toots to Twitter... but for the moment, I only send posts one way... thusfar I've respected Eugen's plea to avoid polluting the Fediverse with tweets... Perhaps you can convince me otherwise :)

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1. Maine Indigenous Peoples History, Post Colonization. A thread. 

@yojimbo @kyhwana Hmm - it's possible... I haven't investigated that yet... I think you can create a new user and designate it as a bot...

A very interesting look at the Mozilla story... and its implications for the tech world and its non-corporate participants... economist.com/business/2019/07

The hidden costs of Windows... securityweek.com/ransomware-hi Sucks when people who are already hostages to the Microsoft Corporation are (by virtue of being hamstrung by that technology platform) afflicted by still more victimisation.

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Dedicated #microsoft #propaganda site #MSPoweruser says: "Microsoft continues to embrace Linux by bringing Trusted Execution Environment to the open source OS"

How many lies in this one single headline? Truth matters no more. #greed killed #journalism

Yes, this is the reason we still need civil society groups like the NZ Open Source Society to counter this insidious corruption... techrights.org/2019/08/18/ever

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