There's mounting evidence that the Linux Foundation is selling out the F in . Its principles & ethics are looking flimsier by the day, as their relationship with Microsoft tightens. It would they're not an ally to us. MSFT *definitely* isn't. Not for a second. So LF are you the traitor you appear to be? If not, how do you justify your unprincipled behaviour? Recall: Windows is the antithesis of . Using it instead of Linux (the reason for your existence) is a flat out betrayal. Shame.

@jlelse @phlox but they wouldn't even be paying it lip service if they didn't know that the devs are dropping their (until recently) proprietary .Net technology for ... you can learn a lot about what they choose to have their PR machine spin...

@certifiedperson the cool thing is that it can be learned... and it enriches one's interaction with and appreciation of language... most knowledge is power, and especially so with language :)

@schestowitz it's hard to find fault in the Iranian president's assessment.

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@DashEquals Matrix would be better for proprietary projects, too :) not just FOSS ones. And good on you for working on an app supporting ActivityPub - I'm a big fan of open standards including Matrix and ActivityPub!

@DashEquals to me, they're both unfit for purpose... they both hold community data to ransom, they both have onerous Ts&Cs community participants have to agree to, and they're both proprietary platforms. UI/UX doesn't even enter into it...

@DashEquals to be fair, Discord isn't much better than Slack for an open community... open communities should use open source chat systems - the options are superb, and people should be falling all over themselves to be using them... Here's my recipe for running your own Rocket.Chat (for $5/month for entire communities):

@jlelse @phlox (although, that said, I think MSFT underestimates the real size and ferocity of the open world... and doesn't yet fully grasp what it's feared for a long time: that it's been eclipsed by free and open source - Linux-based systems are the only growing platform in computing today... and MSFT's PR folk are desperately trying to keep a lid on it)...

@jlelse @phlox yeah, Macs have all the same flaws as Windows, except the bars on their cage are less visible, and the bunks more comfortable... an actually free(dom) platform like Linux, however, MSFT prefers to shun through their proprietary lock-in tools (despite their oft trumpeted "love" for it... I think when they say "love" they mean: like a cat loves a mouse).

At my place of work, IT systems

@jlelse @phlox well, there's your problem right there - your IT policy makers took that one in the neck - they paid to let Microsoft monopolise you with their primary lock-in tool, Active Directory. There's nothing wrong with LDAP... plenty of orgs/bizs limp along with it just fine :) The problem is the decision makers - they should read this:

@jlelse @phlox Nah, they're great Linux lappies! You just install your preferred Linux and then run Windows in a full-screen Virtualbox or KVM window while anyone's looking... (or you tell the powers that be who've chosen Windows to resign because they're demonstrably useless - you can tell them I said so)

Some inspiring viewing to help me out of my lurgie morning... Mark Knopfler on guitars...

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Just thinkin' out loud here @videodante - maybe the best way to do things is be open first, and proprietary second... then it's not a big issue, right? Fwiw, I only go Mastodon->Twitter, not the reverse...

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Would it be a sacrilege to read "The Paper Trail: An Unexpected History of a Revolutionary Invention" (about the invention & adoption of paper) as an e-book?

(asking for a friend)


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