This week's sourdough batch cooling... Patience, Dave, patience.

This morning's sourdough batch. 1/3 rye, a bit of amaranth, the rest strong white flour, with a dollop of plain yogurt and a sprinkle of caraway.

From yesterday's ride, the post deluge view across the plains to the Southern Alps

On a recent visit to San Fran, we happened, by chance, to swing past the Mozilla headquarters. That was kinda cool.

Just back from a few weeks introducing our boys to more of their family during summer in north America. The weather back at home (in wintertime, South Island, NZ) today...

Here's PeppermintOS on the Acer Chromebook 14s. Nice to have a proper Deb-based Linux running on this hardware!

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Hmm, that last panorama was pretty rubbish, so here're a couple other shots showing the snow covered alps..

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This morning's outlook... In stages. It's raining now, but meant to clear soon...

Just improvised a breakfast puy lentil stew recipe... And it is lush (if I do say so). (and @PleaseCaption just reminded me to caption the photo! Good on you PleaseCaptionBot!)

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