Crimping your own RJ45s can give you an extraordinary sense of power... on the elusive occasion when this massive faff of an activity actually leads to a viable cable. 🙄

So... thinking this might be auspicious for the new year :) - these folks just blew in and decided to hang out on my car...

Saw this interesting article on a long haul flight over the weekend... Seems that India's Twitterati are moving to Mastodon. Good on them. Wonder why more western Twitter users haven't moved... (I've deprecated Twitter. I do all new posts on Mastodon)

This is the sole water fountain in Dublin airport"s int'l departure wing. Having had to empty all drinking vessels to get through security, clearly the airport expects you to buy a new water bottle from the one monopoly water vendor. Greed and are the main reasons air travel is eye-wateringly unsustainable and generally unpleasant.

Dublin is both moist and fantastic. The only way it could be better would be if it kicked out all the tax-dodging, rent-spiking morally corrupt US tech multinationals. They do Ireland no favours.

Ended up at Mulligan's on the south side, after I remembered a suggestion from an Irish mate in Chch....

The crew at coming to grips with Mastodon, with many taking their first step into the -welcome to our international cast of partner representatives! If you want to use Mastodon from your mobile device, you can install "Tusky" on Android... There are also Mastodon apps on iOS...

Lovely morning over the Canterbury plains... If you stare really hard you might be able to convince yourself you can see the snow covered Southern Alps in the distance... Keep trying.

Today's jaunt up the hill was murky. No sign of the Alps... Things in Christchurch are much clearer now, though.

Don't let Luna's apparently relaxed demeanour fool you. She's a finely tuned machine, a coiled spring. She'll respond instantly to peanut dropped into a flannel shirt pocket at 30 paces.

The result... Tasty and quite spreadable. And no extra sugar (but a few tbsp of honey) beyond what's in the chocolate.

First batch of scratch build hazelnut chocolate spread. No palm nuts were involved. Now, to find some containers...

Hmm... After declaring a"climate emergency", the Chch council sends out workers with petrol powered tools to destroy the final refuge in our parks for much biodiversity, the river verges. What are they thinking?!

Today's baking adventure with my younger son on the measuring and mixing... Cinnamon buns. Oh yum.

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