The doughnut of Damocles hangs ominously over us. It's ten year old boy birthday time!

Today's lunch hour ... Nice springtime outlook over the Canterbury plains towards the Southern Alps and out over Christchurch city towards Pegasus Bay and the Kaikouras in the distance (about 200km away)...

A couple days ago my wife said "what the heck. I'ma trying my hand at makin' bagels". And she did. And they are stunners.

NZ Covid hard lockdown, day 12 activity... Dogs demonstrate that it's entirely possible to be noble... without being dignified...

And, with that, I have new (upgraded) gimbals. I note, too, that there's a new OpenTX firmware update and a new version of the (Qt-based) "companion" app.

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Today's ride up a hill offered views like these from the port hills to the southern alps... and the Canterbury plains in between. Not a bad a day.

Today's sourdough batch, lockdown edition. Mostly wheat flour, with some amaranth and quite a lot of rye and caraway seeds.

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Outlook over quiet Otāutahi and the plains on stunning day 2 of our hard lockdown. Enjoying the view with my boy who, doggonit, left his old pop way behind riding up the hill. Sigh.

Today's outlook over the dairy-polluted Canterbury plains...

Today's sourdough adventure. Two loaves from the same batch of dough, baked in the same oven at the same time, but in two different containers. Notice a difference?

As my old stomping ground of the US' Pacific Northwest fries under an unprecedented heatwave, here in NZ we're being lashed by sleet...

This morning's outlook: idyllic sunshine followed by an arctic blast...

Lately, when I let our dog, Luna, off her lead at the park to allow her to sniff around in her own time, I've taken to hiding from her (getting curious looks from the occasional passerby) mostly because of the totally chuffed look she gets when she finally finds me. Good fun for us both.

Today's outlook here in Ōtautahi/Christchurch, Canterbury, Aotearoa/NZ...

Hah! My local neighbourhood newsletter has got wind of our native lizard sanctuary ('lizardarium') and asked me to write an article for the next issue. I'm chuffed. :)

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