Could a federated platform modeled on BandCamp be created with existing software? What I'm imagining is a network of independent music websites. Sites run by co-ops of musicians and fans could perform the functions of music labels and record distros, supplying music to a federated network for purchase in analog and digital forms. Sites run by co-ops of listeners and critics could perform the functions of the music press (radio and zines), promoting and reviewing new music.

From a quick skim, this looks more like what FunkWhale does. A federated music library is cool, but it's missing the most important service BandCamp offers artists; payment infrastructure. Plus a greater level of service for users when they pay, so they're encouraged to do so. Publishing writing about the music on offer, to help people find new music, is also part and parcel of what BC do, which would be even better if it wasn't done by the centralized platform selling the music.

@strypey I seem to recall the dev, Simon, mentioning a lot of that as being his aim, but you'll probably have to check with him...

@lightweight @strypey

a true fedi for money transfer is needed to make a fedi Bandcamp take off. but I'm super interested in both. a WordPress for making your music available, with all the sites tied together via #ActivityPub. a dedicated app that plays the music from whoever you're subscribed to. seems like podcasts and independent streaming ala @azuracast should be part of that too.

Payment systems are a tough nut to crack, for sure. This is essential to a decentralized BandCamp, because it's core point of difference is being a music *store*, rather than a subscription-based streaming platform like Spotify or Tidal. There have been a couple of attempts at decentralized versions of those too, see Resonate and MusicCoin:

@lightweight @prot @azuracast

@strypey @lightweight

federated money transfer seems a non-trivial affair ... (my head hurts now!)

can librapay help?

bonne chance!

@js0000 Each federated node could do its own payment infrastructure however they like, so long as a user on node A could find and buy a record from a band hosted on node B.


@strypey @lightweight

passing monetary value seems more complex than passing messages (like processing a "refund")


isn't there an incentive to commit fraud? ("easy money")

maybe i am too cynical when thinking about it


i hope you can figure it out


> i hope you can figure it out

I hope someone can, well above my paygrade :)


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