Spent my walk home from dropping my boy off at school fuming over the callous lack of consideration of drivers - I walked past a big queue of drivers waiting to go through a roundabout like they do every morning. Many of them were digitally wanking - looking down at their phones while they moved in fits & starts, oblivious to what was around them (including lots of school kids crossing & on bikes, as this was a couple blocks from 2 schools), all breaking the law. They should be fined heavily.


Sadly, of course, they drive inconsiderately (& based on my experience cycle commuting, they engage in habitual digital wanking under any & all road conditions) with impunity - they're never held to account because our police are underfunded in this area. I've even seen police officers looking down at their phones while driving police cars... As a cyclist & father, the world seems quite comfortable putting my & my children's safety at risk through their totally avoidable inattention.

@lightweight the situation only improved in the UK after laws were tightened up and cops put in a *lot* of resources to catch people, including using plain vehicles, and CCTV on everything from motorcycles to lorries - and even then people still chance it if they think there aren't any old bill around and/or in high crime areas where they are overstretched..

@vfrmedia I think we also need more peer pressure from people who 'get' the situation (all parents of young kids and cyclists are likely to get it). People who digitally wank need to realise that any impression they have of themselves as a "good person" is mistaken.

@vfrmedia amendment: *People who digitally wank - or otherwise allow themselves to be distracted - while behind the wheel...*

Sympathy. My kids got fed up of me calling out dangerous drivers on our walk to school. I don't know how to break through the bubble these folk live in.

@priryo yeah, I feel shitty for confronting people - and they never take it well, so it doesn't do any good... but they're being shitty humans with their activities, oblivious &/ callous to the implications. I can't seem to accept it.

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