If I was looking for a good commodity Linux virtual hosting provider with facilities in Africa (preferably African owned & run) whom should I investigate? appear in a quick search... can anyone vouch for/recommend them?

@lightweight pretty big continent, maybe you should be more specific

@straw Heh, true. I have a preference for credible hosting providers in Kenya or Zimbabwe, or, slightly lower preference, ZA...

@lightweight @straw I'm not too familiar with African hosting providers other than the fact that I know bandwidth even to companies can be tricky. At least that was the case about 10 years ago, hopefully things are better now.

I searched a bit and came up with this one in Kenya:

toki Inli 

@lightweight I've personally never used Afrihost but my brother has had good experiences with and . That might be because he's domestic though. Hope this helps!

@lightweight Afrihost has slightly terrible reputation for its customer support:

Smaller companies might do better, seems legit

@lightweight sadly I found most in South Africa to be super expensive for what you get. Even DigitalOcean was better. I've ended up with HostWorld in the UK.

But I'm watching for some hopefully good solutions from others.

@lightweight As a simple human being living in Africa and always using providers outside of Africa (better prices and services) I'm really interested to see what's coming :thaenkin:

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