With the imminent decay & demise of Atom (code editor), and my reluctance to dip my toe back into Emacs waters 😂 , I fired up Geany for the first time ever. Not quite as polished as Atom, but at first blush, seems functionally equivalent for my purposes... will persevere and report back with impressions after more time has passed.

@lightweight Been using Geany for a decade or two. I wish it had some sort of keyboard macros; other than that I've not heard of anything in other editors to really make me want to move from my comfortable little place.

@edavies fwiw, I see there''s a geany-plugin-macro available on Ubuntu 20.04.... might that be what you're after?

@lightweight Interesting, I don't remember if I've looked at that in the past. It's close but not quite what I had in mind.

It's quite heavyweight, you have to give macros names and specify the trigger keys each time. Also, it seems quite limited on the trigger sequences so it's difficult to pick one which is really “out of band”. In Emacsen I've used in the distant past you just pressed some key combination to start recording, another to stop and then a third to play. Just one anonymous macro of that sort at a time.

Still, I should really go through what plugins are available now to see if any interesting ones have turned up in the last few years.

@edavies cool how these things evolve, eh! Gotta love the humble community-driven world.

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