My boy was beside himself 2 days ago - he has a OnePlus 3T phone (purchased new for $250 from Aliexpress) and it stopped taking charge, and the mike failed... turns out he'd dropped it. He was despondent, and was trying to work out how he'd pay for a replacement... we found videos of disassembling that phone model, got our our $10 spudger kit, and got to work. In 5 min, we had the case off. Saw that the drop had cause a wee connector to pop off. Pushed it back on. Phone works as new. Boy elated.

@lightweight I love the feeling of successfully fixing something.
Great lesson for your boy as well.

@alpinefolk yes. Very satisfying. And we need people to get over that pervasive feeling of learnt helplessness that's increasingly prevalent when face with any tech-related problems or even home repairs... I'm lucky that my dad always seemed to know how to fix everything that broke. Perhaps that's what convinced me I could do it, too.

@lightweight Absolutely agree with the feeling of helplessness. Of course we have been trained to have those beliefs.

I really hate the attitude of 'ah it's only x dollars to buy a new one'. Some of the most satisfying items I've fixed are only worth $10 or so.

@lightweight @alpinefolk Bubs is quick to ask me to fix things that break or are damaged, whether they be books, toys or tools. Even his Kindy has asked me to fix toys for them.

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