Wow, just set up my own RustDesk ( server in a few minutes ( and I'm now able to provide remote desktop support to my parents on the other side of the earth without the scourge of TeamViewer or the complexity of VNC using all my own kit. And it performs amazingly well!

there should've been a ',' in there - "...the complexity of VNC, using all my own kit".

@lightweight Having the same use case, I've been looking for a libre TeamViewer alternative for a long time. I'll definitely give it a try!

@cosminh I'm very impressed. Copy-and-paste 'just worked', too. I'm going from a Linux desktop to a Linux server (on the other side of the planet) to a Linux laptop (in the next room) for testing purposes. Very very snappy, and very hi-res display.

@lightweight Don't know exactly how it works, but I would think the server is only for discovery, and then the whole remote session is peer-to-peer.

@cosminh I'd guess that all the traffic has to go via the server to deal with NAT traversal (potentially at both ends)... but I could be wrong...

@lightweight Tried it out. Set Rust Desk up on my Android and Raspberry Pi400 before lunch. Could cast my Android on the Pi immediately. Certainly an easy to use software on any platform

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