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@lightweight @fsf Hi, I'm the ESP Wiki admin. Do you know any people who might help documenting New Zealand's case in more detail? I'm mostly familiar with US and European patent law, so we need contributors for other countries too.

@panosalevropoulos @fsf I wrote the content on the site, so have as good a knowledge about what happened as anyone (but it was 10 years ago), although there're one or two others with a pretty good handle on it who I might be able to track down...

@lightweight @fsf That's great! Mind if I keep in touch with you? We need success stories more than anything to prove that change is feasible.

If you manage to contact other people who might be able to help, that'd be great too.

@panosalevropoulos @fsf sure, no problem. Would love to see other parts of the world get rid of that scourge.

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