Let's see if people at see this post on the NZ-based Fediverse! This is how open-and-distributed works... I wonder who the first attendee from, say, the northern hemisphere to see and boost it will be... and by what links in their social network will the connection be made?

@lightweight Hello from North America! 😀

I’m not attending #OEGlobal22in person but trying to do some things asynchronously. All the sessions are middle of the night my time.

@lightweight Watching #oeglobal22 remotely, but posting this reply from a different instance to the one you posted the original question. But you already know that 😂

@mackiwg @lightweight Hoping to push a few #OEGlobal22 people to the fediverse, tomorrow. No promise. It’s been pretty intense. As expected.

@enkerli @mackiwg great to hear it, thanks! It's the right thing for folks championing 'open' to do!

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